Year Million and Androids with Human Delusional Fears


Summer is coming and it is approaching quickly. So I have been packing away this past year’s fall and winter clothing and washing my summer attire for “ready-to-wear” condition and while I was cleaning out my closet over the weekend I came across a weight loss program I purchased in 2013. Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs. This paid for programming commercial dominated the airwaves early on Sunday mornings for weeks. So, I purchased the Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs weight loss program.

Hip Hop Ads a 2013 Paid Commerical Program Craze

What’s funnier than trying to watch a squirrel steal a nut? Watching a white Caucasian female trying to dance like she’s been born with soul? Did you ever see that Chris Rock movie where he dies and his spirit is sent back to earth and placed inside the body of an old wealthy white man? I think it was called “Down to Earth”. And as Chris Rock (cloaked in his new white body armor) tries out his new wheels, a Rolls Royce or Bentley I believe, he starts jiving to some black rap over the car’s stereo system and as he comes to a rolling stop at a stop light, the camera catches a glimpse of Chris in his new white body. A white Caucasian male trying to jive like he has rhythm and soul. Too funny. Much to my dismay, Shaun T’s program didn’t work for me. But why? What was it about Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs program and my failure to achieve results from a very clearly delineated weight loss program? It wasn’t my lack of rhythm that was holding me back. I was still burning calories doing the moves, even if they were out of sync. Some people will say, “Why, will power. You silly girl!” But what if a person’s “will power” can be harnessed and re-directed via electro-magnetic frequency signals otherwise known as radio waves. It is possible as radio wave technologies have been used on the human body and in medicine for years.

Sound crazy? Sound scary and horrifying? I can tell you from personal experience, it is. Still other’s will tell me, “That’s impossible!” For all those who think it sounds crazy and impossible, my response to you is this, “Have you watched the new series airing on the NatGeo Channel entitle “Year Million” yet?” For those of you who are unaware of what it is, it is a six-part series on what our lives will look like in the future, once man has harnessed more control over the natural world and has advanced his knowledge further in science and technology. One episode deals with AI (artificial intelligence). The creators of the series claim that one day we may co-exist alongside androids who will act, look, and think like we do. What does this mean for the human race? The implications are as vast as are the theories about how intelligent we humans will decide to make these AI units.

“What’s even scarier, in this digital era, is how errors of fact proliferate instantly, and that so many people embrace the alternate realities. The trust gap between the public and experts, after widening for decades, is now a chasm. And as “certified” experts decline in stature, “self-declared” experts ascend. This is the bad news. But there is also good news…..producing journalism that is honest and fair, grounded in science and evidence, designed to educate and inform. Confidence in the integrity of our work enables us to defend it, civilly, to those with other beliefs. That seems like a good place to start if we’re ever going to agree, let alone act, on actual facts.”   ~Susan Goldberg, Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine, and her editorial comment on producing good journalism

One of my fears, in the production of AI units, is the capability of an AI unit itself to develop a delusional fear in his neural network. One that will cause him to act and become like us! If AI begins to learn and interpret on his own, like a human, then it becomes possible that a delusional fear can spark a state of paranoia. If this occurs, we may as well say good-bye to the only planet we’ve ever known. It will mean war and if we make these AI units too human, we might become the slave race. This proclivity to man’s existence is what has consistently brought empires, popes, kings, and kingdoms to their knees.

Delusional fears reek havoc in our daily lives and sometimes on such a subtle level we don’t even recognize that a fear has controlled us. The Salem Witch Trials, as was Anne Hutchinson expulsion from the Massachusetts Bay Colony, were historical examples of a pronounced delusional fear. Women are notorious for carrying out delusional fears among themselves based from their own lack of confidence and self awareness when it comes to dress size, weight, shape, age, intelligence, and ability. Which is the whole reason for my post and I can now connect the dots between weight loss and delusional fear.

Sometimes when we achieve a goal, others may find it hard to sincerely feel happy for us. Why? Because they themselves don’t understand their own power, their own gifts, and their own talents. This may cause them to act in ways that are counter-intuitive to sustained happiness because they are suffering from a delusion of their own, that another woman may steal their thunder, their resources, their man, their job, their status. These notions are operating on faulty logic. No one can steal these things from you unless you act in a way that will promote the loss of those things. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do, are in harmony.” This is also called synchronicity. When we think, speak, and do what is right, we create our synchronicity and what will flow out of our lives will produce positive things. We create a positive atmosphere in our lives and we may begin to enjoy the by-products of this positive energy.

The most horrifying thing to experience, is to know that we have come under the control of an outside force that is evil. This outside force isn’t preternatural. It isn’t supernatural or sent from “god”. It is a malevolent psychopath who has harnessed the control over another through acquired power. (If you need an example of this, please refer to the Holocaust of World War II.) What this implies for our future with AI could mean fall subject to a “technology power”. This is a very frightening thought to entertain and causes me to wonder what kinds of crime an AI future will create for us? Should men be dabbling in the sciences as they are doing right now? We haven’t been given the gift to see into the future. We don’t know what these new advancements will mean for us. Will some of these AI units become psychopathic or manipulated by psychopaths? What will future crime, perpetrated by AI units, look and feel like?


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