Slavery In America Is No Longer A Black Issue; What You Need To Know About This Form Of Mental Illness Known As “Supremacy”

Cattleing is usually the term given to farmers who assist in the reproductive cycle of the bovine species. However, cattleing occurs within human populations when Individuals reproduce unrestrained by laws and ordinances. Individuals who reproduce children beyond their financial means and, who do not receive the adequate amount of economic, emotional, and family support, maybe “cattleing” and over burdening their local social services systems. Likewise, modern high-tech advancements geared at harnessing and controlling human behavior in an attempt at commandeering a person or peoples as “subject” may be responsible for doing nothing more than “cattleing” people into America’s social service system as well. In short, making them dependent on others.

The use of electro-magnetic frequency which is responsible for the prodding of human subjects toward a direction “the controllers” desire is leading human subjects down a path of misuse and abuse, the likes of which were formerly seen in the constitution of American black slavery. Does Hegel’s “Of Lordship and Bondage” ring any philosophical bells? Evidence of MK Ultra and the governments desire for mind control techniques and tactics have been publicized by many theorists. These attempts have been historically reported as barbaric, psychotic, and inhumane!

As a student of psychoanalysis I can tell you these attempts at control are based in the unconscious fantasies of the bent and disturbed mind (usually based in paranoia and fear of Other) of the insecurely attached child.

Compassion and kindness produces the enduring effects of Love, but when love is not freely given, when genuine Love is withheld and is only given on condition, it creates the stage on which a type of kleptomania may begin to form in the human psyche. Unconditional love needs to be freely given and consistently expressed and re-expressed if it is to reproduce securely attached children. Young girls and boys who are not freely and genuinely loved by their mothers may develop unconscious fixed sexual fantasies for their same sex counter parts. There are many theories and case examples to prove otherwise as well. But the basic asscertation postulated by Amber Jacobs based on Melanie Klein’s work with children is this; To ward off anxiety produced by the fear of an all-powerful omnipotent mother, the child splits the object in to two parts, a bad and good part. The persecutory maternal object and the defensive operation of splitting this object into good and bad parts provide the basic structure for the primitive superego.

My Dream Symbolism

“Last night I dreamed my maternal breasts we’re engorged with the rich sustanance of life giving milk. In my dream I became the symbol of the all-nuturing mother. For what more precious image of intimacy could be reflected than the suckeling child at his/her mother’s breasts. Plump and bodacious were my breasts, ready for the suckeling. There was present in my dream state a malevolent figure who wished to steal and possess my milk as their own, so as to incorporate it into their own body but was prevented by doing so by another figure. Both figures remained veiled in my dream. My breasts became so engorged with milk they started lactating further,and leaking breast milk. At one point they became so engorged I feared my skin would rupture and it did. On my left breast a small rupture began leaking my breast milk.”

This dream may have never manifested itself had I not studied matracide and read Aeschylus’ play. But the fact that I had this dream suggests to any psychotherapist that there was a re-telling of events from my waking life.

There were many connections I was able draw on once I read Louise Kaplan’s book Female Perversion. One is the connection between the primitive superego that is set-up during the splitting phase of the child’s early personality formation in Amber Jacobs’ theory On Matracide and Louise Kaplan’s explanation of kleptomania in Female Perversions. This connection can be revealed in the behaviors people display when they wish to dominate and control another through repetitive acts of intimidation, humiliation, degredation, fear, usurpations of power, and the ultimate forms of kleptomania; murder and rape.

The taking back, stealing, pilfering, swindling, tearing to pieces, angry obliteration, lying, and destruction through acts of self entitlements are features prominent in various mental illness diagnosis categorized by psychiatric professionals. These self entitled delusions become the stories we live by and are being reflected through a distorted lens of our earlier perceptions. Unless one is guided through a counselor, therapist, or psychologist one might never be able to recognize these distortions and learn new ways of thinking about them.


The Human Instrument

“Lynette White was a source of money. Everyone used her as an object. She must have wanted a personal relationship that went beyond all this, love, to keep her going, but it was too late for her. Other people did not see her that way. Prostitutes are vulnerable people living on the fringes of legality and therefore at great risk from other criminals with whom they mix.”

So too are homosexuals, the homeless, alcoholics, and drug addicted. During seventeenth century Salem it was the widowed and poor female lacking political and financial power and the protection of a male religious / political counter-part to defend and protect her. These types of people are often treated as animate ‘Object’ than as people who feel and think. A type of “dumbing down” takes place in order to suppress, harnass, control and obliterate their voices.

The victim as an object has long historical roots in human interaction. What do we know of the theories in victim as object that can help us catch those who kill women they do not know, especially women who do not live high risk lifestyles?

Using our emerging principles for relating behavior to characteristics of each offense, we produce a profile of the offender. Here, we are looking not for relationships between victim and offender, but between victim and setting of crime. Domestic and gang violence in Trenton is high. The clustering of small inter-acting groups with the outside community mimic organized crime syndication. How would one orchestrate and pull off a neighborhood crime with the use of bio-electro-magnetic frequency as a weapon with which to wield power over another?

Knowledge and familiarity with an area is a pre-requisit for many violent crimes, as earlier studies show. Like planning an event such as a wedding, a criminal will also do the leg work necessary to assault a victim going undetected with relative ease. For serial killers and rapists alike these individuals either already are, or become quite familiar with the areas they stalk. Assailants who leave behind relatively little to no evidence are considered “organized”. Attempts to remove or dispose of evidence reveal a mental state of pre-meditation of criminal activity or intent to harm.

Aspects of the crime reveal whether or not assailants live locally or live some distance away. The use of motor vehicles and modern transportation can increase the likelihood of an assailant living a further distance from the victim. Clues left behind will reveal whether or not the assailant lived with in walking distance.

The iGen generation comes of age. With increased use of “wireless” technology, satellites, and Android phones comes the realization that bio- hi-tech crimes can transcend local distances. Making use of implants and sattelite tracking systems for the surreptitious and clandestine use to veil identity there by eluding capture. In addition, the use of “Alexa” devices that have the capability to record and transmit audio opens the possibility of further victimization by unauthorized entities.

More On Bioelectronics and The Human Spine

I have shared many posts regarding the medical uses of electro-magnetic frequency signals (bioelectronics) in the field of medicine. Although this post reflects the positive aspects to such use, I am here to tell you not all of its uses are beneficial and, that in fact, there exist an under-belly that manipulates the human body for another’s advantage or for another’s sick sadistic pleasure.

As a woman I have been targeted by those who entertain the fantasy of feminine evils. For years women have been portrayed as “witches” and “vampires” whose ruling comrade was the Devil, and too, who, through the art of seduction with their labidnal insatiable thirsts, lead men off in to there destruction. To understand my story and the connection between the two one only need read ‘The History of Sexuality‘ by Michael Foucault which describes man’s attempt to treat and cure psychiatric illness which was understood as a manifestation of the evil men do.

What’s more is how and if my homosexuality may have played a part in these fantasies of evil as the medical field plays god with ‘Object Other’ the product of the bourgeoisie class; that ‘Wholly Other’ being of difference. The difference? The bourgeoisie talked about there sexual proclivities while prolatariat claimed they did not have sex. I, being a bourgeoise myself, have been frequently victimized through acts of violent penetration, both physically and with the intangible field of bio-electro-magnetic frequency in an attempt to alter my behavior and human sexuality. Does man not know what his boundaries should be? One only need to read ‘Faust’ by Johann Wolfgang Goethe to understand where man’s limits should be drawn. Man’s downfall? Wanting to be as God himself in all it’s grand supremacy glory harboring the mentality, “I’m better than, and above you.”

In the atmosphere of today’s social order it is not hard to imagine such terror with both the climate of racial and ethnic tensions found boiling over on American soil. Frequently we see acts of white supremacy and hatred toward our fellow man in the daily news and in our routine daily dealings in our lives in general.

These hostile personalities have risen to the highest political office possible and in the wake of the out rage the American people have suffered. Insighting hostility with the use of bio-electro-magnetic frequency to produce hate either to the self or the other must be stopped and punished with highest possible maximum term possible. America will never be safe unless these ruthless white supremacists are taken down. The use of bio-electronic-magnetic frequency in the field of psychiatry needs to be investigated and questioned.


The investigation of … crime must therefore attempt to understand what sort of instrument the victim presents for the assailant, whether or not the crime is overtly sexual. A direct interpretation of the significance of the victim to the offender is probably the best starting point. The actual setting may help us understand the people who are to be found there and their relationships to each other.”

Bioelectronics and The Human Spine

Understanding Is More Important Than Producing More Hurt And Abuse

Today I find myself reading the back and forth allegations between the news media outlet CNN and Donald Trump. It appears they are both blaming each other for the cause of the mass mailing of pipe bombs to Trump dissidents. I believe the following will help illuminate what exactly is happening to each regarding these allegations.

“People who describe themselves as “abused” when they are actually in conflict are not lying; they usually don’t know the difference. We’re not talking here about the tired false cliche of the vindictive woman who “cries rape” or diabolically constructs the other as an abuser while knowing full well that the charge is false. What we have instead is a devolved definition of personal responsibility, which constructs avoidance as a right regardless of the harm it does to others. The negative standard persuades some people to feel that being uncomfortable signals that they are being abused.”

As human beings we have the responsibility to voice our discomfort with another party’s behavior, and either advise or ask the offending party for redress. But what seems to be expressed between Trump and his critics, for the most part, is an endless cycle of abuse and failure to take responsibility for the harm done by corrective action. Both parties ARE NOT to blame for the mass mailing of pipe bombs. Both parties have a responsibility to negotiate a common ground. And sometimes that negotiation means realizing you are talking to a vaulted mind. A vaulted mind that is biased toward “the self.”

I can’t help but feel a mediator need be put in place between the president and news outlets. I sometimes feel the responsibility of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders helps offset the conflict between the two. I have to agree with her in the regard that these acts are not the responsibility of the president. Nor were they caused by the “fake news” of the news media’s coverage of information. These acts were clearly political and well timed around the mid-term elections and are clearly the motivation of a mentally deranged person. There is a big difference between outspoken vocal conflict and criminal aggressive violence. The act of violence via mailed pipe bombs goes beyond the pale of verbal aggressive conflict. And verbal aggressive conflict is sometimes employed with political negotiation and debate.

The Use Of Bioelectronics In Uncontrolled Settings

Imagine you are walking into a public place, say the library or grocery store, when all of a sudden you are accosted by the veiled hand of an electro-magnetic wave. As it laches on to you, you briefly are thrown off balance. As you quickly regain your balance you feel a sense of terror come over you. Its grasp contacts you at the hip/pelvic region. Who or what has just grabbed you is a mystery. For there was no physical presence in your direct environment, no hand, no human being or concrete object thrown at you. It seems it was a clandestine invisible hand of technology. Is some one tracking me? Do I have some type of implant or device in my body? If so, who put it there and am I part of some modern technological experiment? Or has some psychotic individual surreptitiously gained control over my body? Am I suffering at the hands of a malevolent personality?

These are some of the questions that have come to mind in interpreting my personal experience with high-intensity electro-magnetic waves which I think are radio waves.

Some of the side effects to bioelectronic therapies have been reported as fatigue, sedation, and nausea. I question there use in uncontrolled settings and believe them to be an attempt at power, control, and domination with clear issues involving intimacy!

Most recently I’ve experienced the tingling of electrical stimulation in the right hemisphere of my brain along with the same sensation in the lower right side of my back which was accompanied by dizziness, agitation, and tiredness. These sensations came in intermittent bursts as I felt like I was being prodded with a cattle prod all through the day and night.

The sum of the cumalative side effects is a profound loss of spirit.

As the Chinese are planning to launch a moon in to the sky; a spherical object that would provide more night time illumination for their city streets, I wonder if that is it’s only purpose?

A Brief Story Of Clairsentience

Eye Peep Hole1

Extrasensory perception is the ability to perceive something through the mind rather than through the five senses. What are the nine types of extrasensory perceptions? They include the following:

Precognition – the ability to see into the future.
Retrocognition – the ability to see into the distant past.
Mediumship – the ability to communicate with spiritual world and talk to the deceased.
Clairvoyance – the ability to see events without being physically present.
Clairsentience – the ability to feel the emotions of others.
Clairaudience – the ability to receive messages and information through “psychic hearing.
Clairalience – the ability to get psychic impressions from the sense of smell.
Clairgustance – the paranormal ability to taste a substance without putting it in the mouth.
Telepathy – the ability to read the mind‘s of other people.

Here’s something to think about regarding the notion of abstract cognition versus what we perceive in concrete reality:

“As a child I had, from time to time, had experiences with feeling a presence in an empty room. It felt like there was a physical presence of someone being there but, in fact, no physical body was present in the room. Now, consider the experience of the “feeling” that someone is watching you. We have all received that feeling at one moment in our lives. The moment you can feel a set of eyes actually watching you, but you turn around and you see no one. No one seems to be starring at you or in the room with you during these moments when you are alone. Now, consider clandestine surveillance video cameras. As a woman, I have walked into retail stores’ dressing rooms to try on clothes and felt like I was being watched by someone. In reality the store had closed circuit video recording people’s activity in these dressing rooms to protect the store from shop lifters. This is actually an abstract cognitive state of perception, a state of conscious awareness based in unseen reality.”

This example can illustrate how a psychopathic personality can present themselves as “entity” in the world of an unsuspecting victim. We all have heard of the stories where young girls are preyed upon at the hands of a voyeuristic criminal. These stories have been on TV and usually play out to the victims advantage whereby the criminal is caught and punished and the victim protected by the police.

The criminal cases of individuals breaking into young girls’ homes and placing hi-tech audio surveillance and video surveillance in their bathrooms and bedrooms have been reported by news media to the public. This activity has been reported by the news media as occurring in hotel suits as well.

This is what our national security has been about for years. Of course, U.S. clandestine surveillance is done in the name of National Security. Surveillance of victims by perpetrators is called crime. And as we move deeper and deeper into the next generation of technology, there will be even more and more ways to track and record individuals whereabouts.

I actually believe my experience to be associated with something called clairsentience; a subgroup of clairvoyance. Clairsentience is the ability to perceive the emotions of others even when they are located at a distance from the observer. I think the ability to perceive the “feeling” of a living presence, that comes from living beings, even when they are located at a distance from us, was probably a developed perception that served to protect us from being attacked by predators in the camouflage of the jungle. This ability gives a person a superior advantage when it comes to their personal survival. The study of this phenomenon probably falls under the branch of Metaphysics and not Metacognition. I don’t really know. But in any event its development in human subjects grew out of a physiological response to the environment, that is, due to the abundant amount of physical threats that presented themselves in our daily lives while living in the wild. Threats that we might not be able to adequately fight off.

Now consider how electro-magnetic frequency waves used in many different psych therapies might diminish this ability? Technically it could harm the brain’s form of extrasensory perception of clairsentience and the subject’s ability to react to “fight“ or “flight“ signals. The psychiatric community might even view and individual’s experience of clairsentience as “schizophrenia” and misdiagnose them with a mental illness. But with regard to the side effects of new experimental cutting edge therapies like electro-Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), the onset of any disadvantageous symptoms have yet to be known. I, however, feel that the on-set of intense electro-magnetic radio waves certainly would diminish a person’s capacity for this developed perception. And it is a much needed perception to take “flight” or “fight” when presented with a predator. I have been both diagnosed as a schizophrenic and I have also been experiencing periods of the on-set of intense electro-magnetic frequency waves which I believe to be radio waves.

I can’t help but feel that my experience with “feeling” a presence in an empty room and the psychic ability of clairsentience has placed me in the realm of virtus dormitiva, a term coined by Molière in The Imaginary Invalid. That is the human subjects’ ability to “feel” the presence of another human (or even animal subject) even when they are at a distance and not visible to the subject might stem from “virtus dormitiva.” Which doesn’t really explain anything at all about this cognition process in humans except to only replace one poorly understood phenomenon with another poorly understood phenomenon. We might not ever be able to understand this cognitive process of perception that does not utilize the traditional modes of human sensory experience (touch, taste, smell, sound, etc). We may only be able to understand that their exists a relationship between the two and that this relationship might not be a form of “mental illness.”