What Exactly Are Electronic Targeted Assaults and the Phenomenon Known as the Electronically Targeted Individual (eTIs)?

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The ability to nudge brain activity in certain directions raises ethical questions. Can privacy coexist with technology that reads and changes brain activity? And what of “free will.” Please consider the link provided after this story.

The following is my opinion as an independent researcher who drew her conclusions from research in criminology, intimate partner violence (IPV) and Domestic Violence (DV), psychoanalysis, developmental psychology, behavioral development, Violence and Gender, the structure of Consent under the law in the practice of BDSM and medical procedures, the history of unethical and inhumane medical experiments, and the nature of the Department of Defense and the Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).

The most rational explanation for this phenomenon is intimate partner violence (IPV). The electronic Targeted Individual (eTI) is being stalked by a close relative, family member, ex-husband, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, co-worker, friend, or a former associate, etc. This means, the technology affords the person performing the targeting secrecy and cloaks their identity from their loved one. They may a form of gaslighting happening and the victim is carefully being told that they are loved and the perpetrator is proving his/her allegiance. Now, how is one supposed to prove they are being victimized? (Machiavellian) This electronic technology can make it look like the person is “disoriented” as they may stumble and fall or it can make them seem like they are “slow” by talking very slow and stumbling over their speech by affecting cognition. The person who is carrying out the stalking and electronic assaults most likely suffer from the Dark Triad or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). Because the Dark Triad consists of three personality traits; MachiavellianismNarcissism, and Psychopathy. It seems to me, the Dark Triad fits well into the phenomenon of the electronically targeted individual (eTIs) because of the nature of its covert assaults and its relative clandestine deception. It is a form of Machiavellian attack if ever I witnessed one! And, like Machiavelli, the person wants to be feared more than he wants to be loved and this is demonstrated by the power he wields over his victims. The perpetrator holds the power to make his victims cower in fear because it can confuse their thoughts through a handheld device that sends an electronic signal via wireless technology to an implanted biological device in the body or head, and in my case, thereby dismantling free will, and destroying the individual’s capacity to perform an activity.

The second most likely rational explanation for this phenomenon is neighborhood gangs/mafias. An organized criminal gang acting as a mafia that targets people living within its territory with violence. I might question local meeting halls like American Legion Posts as a possible base for organizing its activities and also the ethnic association such as the Trenton Polish American Democratic Society (TPADS) or the Italian-American Club, these are just two ethnic clubs but there are at least 11 different ethnic group/club associations in America where the organizing of clandestine criminal activities could take place. I would also have to question real estate agencies and people interested in property acquisitions as this form of crime offers the perpetrators leverage in forcing people out of their homes and away from certain areas thereby securing the territory where they live. Property crime is the most common form of crime and all one has to do, in order to gain an understanding of its prevalence, is log on to the Department of Justice’s website and read over the latest news in the form of press releases. Justice News | DOJ | Department of Justice. Property theft is the most common form of crime. I am listing a broad range of possibilities, I know. It may very well be that what I’ve come to know as the electronically targeted individual (eTI), possess an amalgamation, that is to say, a portion of one possibility combining with the portion of another possibility that I am sequentially listing here in this story.

Since the phenomenon of the electronically Targeted Individual (eTI) has also been called service-security surveillance, and with the advent of Google, Google Earth, and wireless router technology, Google has not only recorded on video, visual street images, and houses, but they also have cataloged all IP addresses (router information) associated within each housing address. This means when you interact with Google over the Internet, Google knows exactly who they are interacting with and that means, that so do the FBI and the federal government. Likewise, your cell phone has a GPS and a Device Finder. These features on your phone play into service-security surveillance and human tracking over Google Maps which can be both beneficial and harmful.

The third possibility that might explain the phenomenon of the electronically targeted individual (eTI) is medical experiments utilizing biological implants that provide service-security surveillance and options for human tracking without the use of a cell phone, or perhaps in combination with the use of a cell phone and Internet and Google Map technology. However, with new laws that have established ethical procedures in medical practice, protecting vulnerable groups from abusive forms of power and control, and new laws that have established the structure and the nature of consent, this seems unlike. However, that is not to say that it would not be impossible for someone to be entered into a research study or clinical trial unwittingly and without their knowledge. Since Google Play Services grants permission to Android Systems the access to a person’s “body sensors,” this phenomenon, as I have come to know it, maybe a form of an advancing cyber-security surveillance option utilizing cell phones, internet mapping, and wireless technology. Since I lack the proof and have only my knowledge in guessing where advancing technology will soon be led. Most sensors are worn on the outside of the body but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t interested in service-security surveillance options. These companies may beexperimenting with research studies involving biological implanted devices or sensors in the human body. In the history of unethical, inhumane medical experiments, doctors and scientists have targeted minority groups, groups that were vulnerable, lacking protection from forms of abusive power like pregnant women, children, the prison population, black slaves both male and female, and their families, and the mentally ill. In fact, in some longitudinal research studies, researchers often acquire their cohort sample from low-income communities whose inhabitants (mothers and children) filter through state and publicly funded medical birthing clinics (OB-GYN) and pediatrician offices and county-funded social service agencies that provide child and adult protective services, food stamps, and welfare.

However, the least likely explanation for the phenomenon, in my opinion, is government surveillance, although most TIs believe they are being gangstalked and electronically targeted by their local police, the FBI, or some other federal government agency like the CIA and/or NSA. I don’t believe this to be the issue in my case, but each case is unique and different. So, there may be some truth to these accusations and since the police, the FBI, and the Department of Defense, and the Department of Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA- the same agency that gave us the Internet), are interested in advancing service-security surveillance technology. There very may well be military contracts granted to certain new and upcoming hi-tech companies interested in promoting new technologies to the public through these newly advancing service-security surveillance options. People under house arrest are outfitted with an ankle bracelet that tracks their whereabouts. What if they could receive removable implants that do the same thing?

Please consider reading the following article “Can privacy coexit with technology that reads and changes brain activity?” from Science News. Addressing the phenomenon of the electronically Targeted Individual (eTI) on a public stage might be found when we ask questions pertaining to neuroethical questions that guide responsible ethical research in international brain initiatives.


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