“God’s Jury” and the Modern Inquisitorial Process of Creating Modern Service Security Surveillance Systems with Right Wing Dark Money 

Edward Sorel’s illustration from the cover of “God’s Jury” by Cullen Murphy

A few years back, well maybe more than just a few years back, my dad was still alive. I was greeted at the lunch meat counter at my local Ewing Shop Rite by an old acquaintance. Will call him “Joe.” He was a former acquaintance from a former lifetime.

But in order for you to understand the whole picture of my story, I need to explain a few things. The time period this “meeting” occurred in was a few years after a sexual assault I reported to my local prosecutor’s office. I was sexually assaulted by a person I was familiar with and with whom I trusted. Following the tragic and sudden death of a close relative, I relapsed into drug use again after 5 years of sobriety. After this sudden death, I had begun to work out a lot to ward off the anxiety I felt about not being accepted by my family. As a result, I lost a lot of weight. One night, while out with one of my “friends,” my “friend” kept encouraging me to use again. I resisted attempts several times and, then, at the last moment, before leaving the bar, I gave in. This was the point of a trajectory.

When women are sexually assaulted while actively using drugs or alcohol as part of their lifestyle choice, they are usually recommended to a rehabilitation center. A few years after my sexual assault, I was forced into treatment. I then made a conscious decision to never use street drugs again and to distance myself as far as I could from the people I had previous associations with. That was in 2006. Although I would still imbibe alcohol a few times a week, I had come to a point in which I could actively imagine a better lifestyle for myself, free from my former associations.

Then, one day at the lunch meat counter, “Joe” tried to strike up a conversation with me. He asked me about a former boyfriend I had dated while I was between the ages of 19 and 20 years old. Let’s call him “Dean.” I was very cold and stand-offish to “Joe” because he had instructed “Dean” to push my head into a couch chair and hold it there one day while “Dean” and I were in the middle of an argument. Because of Joe’s guidance, Dean physically assaulted me. Because of this I always viewed “Joe” as a predator and most likely a psychopath. Who encourages a guy to physically assault a woman? Aren’t men supposed to respect a lady? I don’t believe anything that comes out of this man’s mouth. Joe was also with a woman at the lunch meat counter who had light reddish-blonde hair, and I believe light-colored eyes although my memory is a little faulty. Joe kept referencing this woman with glances for guidance from here. Joe apologized to me and said he truly didn’t have any memory of those specific events. He said he was “sorry” and asked if “I would forgive him?” I looked at him like he was a plague of locus come to destroy my crops. I said, “No.” I couldn’t care less if he could not remember those events from that day or not, and I told him in no uncertain terms, to basically, “FUCK OFF!” I told him I had been so far removed from my former lifestyle I used to entertain in my early adulthood that I didn’t want to know any of those people anymore. Recovery is about avoiding people, places, and things and also because I believed that probably half of my former associations were either psychopaths or sociopaths. People who had been ill-informed about the purpose of life, just like myself. The lifestyle I had led, active in the drug culture and bar scene, no longer plagued me simply because I actively chose recovery and now preferred a healthy lifestyle. I told him I was healthy and a practicing vegan and exercising daily. He then told me that he had “cancer” and was “dying” and “would I please forgive him.” This is the classic ploy of psychopath/sociopath. A “feel sorry for me” game card pulled from the trickster’s bag of tricks. They feign some type of “struggle” and try to win you to their side through sympathy. I’ve seen it a million times.

I believe Joe’s occupation is as a day contractor, although I’m not certain of this. But, in any event, why would I grant a liar forgiveness? I could feel the aversion toward Joe and Dean reverberate in every part of my body. I had allowed myself to be manipulated by men who were rotten and no good for me. Joe had asked if “I wanted to see Dean again.” I thought to myself, “What the fuck do you think?” I replied, “No.”

Honestly, I might have never come to this point in my recovery unless I had been raped which ended the trajectory events, a trajectory that started with my relapse in 2003. A distasteful and bitter pill to swallow; it truly was a revelation that unveiled itself before my eyes. It had somehow pulled all those dark puzzle pieces together to show me that what I had been doing was seriously wrong, even though I secretly knew this deep down inside of me. Such are the lies we tell ourselves. I believed that “my drug use was okay” because “everybody I knew was doing it.” I had even heard of some professional doctors who did it. And besides, these people were my “friends.” Certainly, a friend wouldn’t victimize me. Would they?

Of all the Creepypasta, this story could make one of the best urban legends although it is far from being a myth. The story where the girl who believes it’s okay to get drunk or use street drugs because everyone, she is with, is also doing it. And so, she must somehow be “safe” is far more common than you think. The myth that “surely these people would “respect” me because we commonly identify with one other” is never a certainty. In fact, when considering the nature of man, it is mostly not true. How could a bunch of people that don’t know how to respect themselves be informed about how to respect others? So, my cold and stand-offish stance towards Joe was a psychic defense elicited by a predator who had presented himself to me. I was trying to stay safe.

Shortly after this, my electronic and psychotronic targeting and torture began. I became known as a Targeted Individual. How does this play into the possible reasons for my targeting? Honestly, I don’t know, simply because there are so many other events to consider in my timeline as well.

The most important point I want to make regarding my electronic targeting, psychotronic torture, and group (gang) stalking is this. Over the platform Quora.com, when I discussed my experiences as a Targeted Individual. I was greeted with a response from a man, presumably white, who informed me “it’s because you can’t imagine something better for yourself.” What the fuck? Really? That’s the reason!? The reason I deserve to be tortured and punished!? This means the reason for my targeting is rooted in difference. It is rooted in the difference of identity. It is rooted in the things that divide us and not join us together. The targeting implies that I am not favored because I don’t belong to the right “social grouping.” This is an age-old phenomenon that has gone by many names throughout human history. Most noted for these horrors, based in difference of identity, were the Jewish and Christian holy wars from the Bible (Pagels, 1995), witch trials (Hill, 2002) and other religious inquisitions as well as the many genocides that have taken place over the ages (Santner, 1990). We could look to more modern events like what happened in Charlottesville Virginia. Where on August 11–12, 2017 a Unite the Right Rally took place. Many far-right supporters of white supremacy actively protested including the groups alt-right, neo-Confederates, neo-fascists, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, and various right-wing militias. As a result, conflict, and fights broke out when counter-protestors supporting the proposed removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee from Charlottesville’s former Lee Park. Later a counter-protestor was killed by rally participants who purposefully and willfully drove his car into the crowd (Berreby, 2018, pp.48–49). It is far more than a science of race. It is a science of psychoanalysisobject relations, and identity. The “feverish pitch” that ensues after the realization of a collective narcissistic wound suffered, has marked historical events like the end of World War I and the events that spoked the Charlottesville race riots. Facts tying events of white supremacy and a crisis of white masculinity, to a prior time in American presidential history, when a black Senator from Illinois took the oval office which was immediately followed by a fascist leader.

“In a review of Cullen Murphy’s book, Edward Peters writes, “Murphy ponders ‘what . . . any inquisition really is: a set of disciplinary practices targeting specific groups, codified in law, organized systematically, enforced by surveillance, exemplified by severity, sustained over time, backed by institutional power, and justified by a vision of the one true path. Considered that way, the Inquisition is more accurately viewed not as a relic, but as a harbinger.’ In this sense then, Jane Mayer, author of “Dark Money” writes, ‘Cullen Murphy finds the ‘inquisitorial impulse’ alive, and only too well, in our [modern] world.’”

Subnote: My original studies began with an investigation into religious philosophy as I was educated in a Roman Catholic school system for 13 years. Later I would take up Bible study in my young adult life, between the ages of 23–25. As a result of my early education, I was influenced to pursue readings in religious philosophy as conflict is often rooted in differences of religious identity (Capp, 2009).


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A Crisis of White Masculinity in the Age of Obama and a Discussion on What Motivates Gang Stalking with Electronic Targeted Physical Assaults

One of the many sign posters printed by the Tea Party (white billionaire conservative Republican protesters) who also touted the phrase “Obama’s Bin Lyin” insisting Congress should “Impeach Obama Now.”

In the book, American Identity in the Age of Obama which is attributed to multiple authors, in particular in Chapter 6, “White Masculinities in the Age of Obama: Rebuilding or Reloading,” a particular demographic was considered in the face of a clear and present crisis of white masculinity. The book noted the identity crisis associated with white, older, middle-class men living in rural areas. A connection can be made with white, elite, farming/plantation business owners. With this specific demographic population, the connection is a similar one made to and written about in Chapter 6, The Crisis of White Masculinity, which can be found over JSTOR and is located in my reference section. A similar crisis of white masculinity seemed to occur during the abolishment of slavery, and in particular, we see a similar crisis of masculinity occurring during historic time periods that threatened populations of the predominant male identity. This certainly happened during the Salem witch trials as a comparison between these inexcusable executions and the expulsion of Anne Hutchinson. That is, a threat to the personal manhood of a predominant white leader in the community.

It is, for this reason, the study of identity during the period of Colonialism and Postcolonialism would be most appropriate to understanding the phenomenon of gang stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults (directed energy weapons) and psychotronic torture because it is this time period that gave rise to the radical right, middle class, white conservative male leaders. The forms of behaviors that have historically been harbingers for change in Colonial America have predominantly surrounded the threat to white masculine identity. During this time period, we see the event of the Boston Tea Party. Whether or not you hold a supportive position to the action taken during this historical event or view it as a radical, aggressive move in opposition to authority and the law depends on your political orientation.

Reading postcolonial female writers is important to gain a foundation of knowledge regarding modern female identity and feminine identity crisis as we explore feminine object relations during the colonial era and Postcolonial era and beyond into the modern period. I say this because I am a female writer interested in psychoanalysis and identity.

In addition to the study of postcolonial feminine identity and beyond, postcolonial masculine identity (1780–1830) or even a better, the term the Late Modern Period extending from the (the 1750s through 1940s) following French and American RevolutionsIndustrial Revolution, the Great Divergence, and the early World Wars is important to gaining an understanding of how both feminine and masculine identities have changed over time. Important also is the Great Divergence and it too is tied to the crisis of white masculinity as it represented changing social roles. Additionally, the concept of the time period, that of Colonialism (1607 to 1776), it would seem that the fragmented stranded existence of some modern masculine identities who would still like to practice or policy control by one people or power over other peoples or areas. In the phenomenon known as gang stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture we certainly can make the connection to the fragmented, stranded, crisis in identity of the perpetrators to such acts. Colonialism was tied to British Monarch Rule and Absolutism and manifested the delusions of Satan spawning the execution of not only witches but also some warlocks and the expulsion of Anne Hutchinson from her religious community based on the testimonial, she was a Jezebel. We can therefore say, with a high degree of certainty that the manifestation of delusions goes back centuries to past historical religious inquisitions among many other historical events expressing harbingers for change.

“Change is inevitable but with it comes new possibilities.” ~The Answers

In the book, Dark Money: the hidden history of the billionaires behind the rise of the radical right, we see a similar crisis of white masculinity among the radical right conservative Republicans during the Obama administration. Interestingly, where the crisis of white masculinity takes place during postcolonial America, where its development coincides with developments like the end of the Western frontier closing and the disappearing opportunities for economic independence in an era of bureaucratization of business. If we look at the history of American manhood it would reveal several co-extensive phenomena. In fact, if we delved even farther into history during the time of Medieval Inquisitions, we would uncover men dressed as the religious authority (Inquisitors) who were pardoned and given “absolution” from God if they used instruments of torture. In the modern era, we have the German Holocaust where we see a German Identity Crisis on a mass scale as the very core of what it meant to be German was questioned.

Upon a brief perusal of a number of historical harbingers, we see similarities to events that transpire and the basic similar human condition contributing to violence. What remains unchanged in all of this is the human heart and the human psyche and the fact that innate aggression resides within our species especially when manhood, or womanhood for that matter, is challenged. So, we can speculate this to be the cause and root of the phenomenon known as gang stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture.

We might question, “What motivated a group of well-educated, upper-class, white men to dress up as American Indians and throw tea into the Boston harbor?” We might question, “What motivated a plantation owner to lynch his own black slaves following the fall of slavery, in the face of their begging for life?” “What motivated a group of wealthy Republican businessmen to print up posters of Barrack Obama dressed like an African witch doctor, outfitted with body paint and a bone through his nose, above the word “socialism?” During the Obama administration, the level of unprovoked racism manifesting itself among the radical right Republican conservative groups fearful on the horizon of American socialism, the national healthcare plan, and free healthcare, which had to be policed and monitored for their radical depictions that were racially offensive.

Similar to the element of “dark money,” with their formation of so-called “socialist organizations” set up with a tax code of 501(c)(4), the IRS code for tax-exempt as “social welfare organizations” that can participate in politics so long as it’s not the group’s primary focus. Such nonprofits can hide the identities of their donors from the public, reporting them only to the IRS. This is what is meant by “dark money groups.” Comparing this level of non-transparency and gang stalking with electronic targeting physical assault and psychotronic torture we similar attempts to change the outcome of events, territories, and elections.

Identity is often associated with “sameness and distinctiveness” yet it also has its “contradictions”. That is, we all have our differences and we all have our contradictory selves.

The term “identity crisis” refers to a psychological conflict that entails social confusiona sense of detachment, and a loss of oneself such as when a political ruling party losses majority control as we witnessed during the Obama era or when large popular religious movements such as the Cathers in southern France and the Waldensians in both southern France and northern Italy who were considered “apostate” or heretical to Christianity during the Medieval Inquisitions spanning 1184 to 1230 AD.

In studying identity crisis, and its subsequent psychological disorders, there have been integral topics to study. For example, the study of Colonialism and Postcolonialism is imperative for an adequate understanding of psychoanalysis, as human history tells us a lot. Postcolonial feminist theories in female identity crisis have been conceptualized to delve into the boundaries of the self and move beyond the social dynamics through which the female subject explores and questions her identity separate and apart from her ruling counterpart, male patriarchy. It is no different when studying mass random shooting events and the phenomenon of gang stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults; a person’s identity has been challenged and put into question, a person’s sense of self has become disrupted with some type of detachment and loss. Such as when a person’s Facebook profile may be placed into question when new social information is found contradictory to their posted highlights and is seen as not being nearly as picture-perfect as the individual’s beliefs about themselves.

The thing about gang stalking with electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture is that it is a business like any other business. It requires access to a pool of cash, network associates, and insider knowledge. The pool of cash helps one to purchase the necessary technological gadgetry for the group of people whose aggregate/accumulated wealth can afford them the ability to fund their own personal and private field operations with which they could undermine the outcome of events.


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Uncovering the Clues to Electronic Targeted Physical Assaults and Psychotronic Torture and Why the Central Illusions of White Supremacy Has Not Ended

Once we had black slavery. Now we have clinical trials, paid experimental test subjects, clandestine electronic targeted assaults and psychotronic torture.

Post Updated: August 17, 2021

“An era can be considered over when its central illusions have been exhausted.” ~Arthur Miller


John Cusack tweeted this quote about our political environment. It’s a compelling quote. Of course, when I think of political central illusions, and a time era, I think of Adolf Hitler. Of course, when it comes to discussing perverse acts the like of Adolf Hitler, we believe that era has ended but it’s only become an infinite game in business and profits. It’s only become more conventional through the use of advancing clandestine technologies that can hack into peoples’ lives and steal away their rights and their bodies through cyber warfare. We now live in the era of eSTIM (wireless electronic stimulation). We also live in an era of wireless communication in which handheld devices have been placed in our hands. There is a very real connection to man’s proclivity to use eSTIM sex toys as a form of BDSM and the electronic targeted physical assaults and psychotronic torture both have connections rooted in the human pregenital instincts and the pregenital human ego. That is to say, acts of sadism and the creation of the anal sadistic universe.

For the last few days, I have been excessively manipulated with electronic convulsive shock therapy during the nighttime hours as I sleep, again. I can’t see my predator, his identity, his ethnicity, his nationality, the color of his eyes, nor the color of his skin.

There seems to be a connection between past violence (past domestic/physical violence element), Capital Health Systems at Fuld (medical facility element/medical access to victims’ bodies), the police (state authority element), and the electronic physical assaults and psychotronic torture (continued violence element against a human body) of victims. At least, as I have experienced it in my case.

When analyzing sadistic targeted physical assaults utilizing electronics and psychotronics, at random and at will assaults, there is the pregenital instinct of the pregenital ego of the perpetrator to consider. When I say “pregenital instincts” and “pregenital ego” that’s a clue that’s been uncovered about the psychological state and persistency of character of the perpetrator. The suspect who is responsible for torturing me from “a far”, who may in actuality be very close in proximity, will have as part of their personality tendencies and repertoire persistent sadistic and anal sadistic phantasies (unconscious wishes towards annihilating victims) and fantasies (the acting out these same sadistic fantasies in their relational world. This is something that escapes the barrier of invisibility to that point of observations to hint towards suspicion). (1) There seems to be a basic breach in human decency and standards of conduct with this perpetrator who is acting out his/her sadistic conscious or unconscious phantasies against me.

“The real problem of humanity is the following: we have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and god-like technology.”

E.O. Wilson, September 9th 2009

Since human violence first takes the form of aggression, some type of conflict is most likely an element that proceeds the initiation of mind and body physical assaults the targeted individual experiences. And we know from past time eras, that the label “mental illness” has been used to manipulate wives and love interests, and to satisfy the male pregenital instinct and pregenital ego in management of his anger toward female flesh (in fact, any flesh), as a result of his maternal Object’s initial ambivalence towards him in infancy. That is to say, he/she not only cast females in delusional images and images of Evil, but males as well. It is an indexical sign of the perpetrator’s warped and distorted notion surrounding their mothers accompanied by notions of feminine evil. He is from the middle class. (2)

Here, when we speak of a time era where the anal sadistic universe manifested, I think of the World War II era. What if Hitler said, “I’m sorry but I didn’t know what I was doing.” Would this be an acceptable excuse for his actions? Certain actions are just beyond the pale of human decency. (3) Arthur Miller said, 

“Betrayal is the only truth that sticks.”

Exactly why does REVENGE and VENDETTA tap into the pregenital instincts in the pregenital ego to satisfy the human proclivity for sadistic attacks against human flesh? The answer to that question is rooted in theories of matricide and the paranoid-schizoid personality position.

For me, I have to ask, “Why do these attacks increase and coincide with phone calls from psychiatric service facilities and calls from my insurance company to remind me of “services” that are available to me?” And, “Why are these attacks happening in the privacy of my own home?” This makes me believe it is more about violence and territory. The canvas of the human body in the form of female flesh echoes the past violence of the pregenital stage (preOedipal stage). That is to say, the unconscious territory of the female sexual body is locked in the masculine and feminine mind from our pre-Oedipal phase of psychosexual development. There, in our unconscious mind, resides our pregenital instincts and the pregenital ego. Here is what stranded objects do with their psychic fodder that remains unsublimated:

Trash, City, and Death

Jews from the World War II Holocaust
One of Washington State Prostitute Killer, Robert Lee Gates’ victims
Gang Murders Credited To El Chapo and The Sinaloa Cartel

Below are the images of Elizabeth Short. In the case known as the Black Dahlia murder.

Additionally, “Why do these attacks end after I’m placed in psychiatric care in the hospital and start again a few days after release if it’s not about controlling a human body as an Object Other?”

Please consider reading the following post to better understand historical phenomenon and how phenomena can be considered harbingers for change.

In The In-Between ‘Space’ of ‘Voice’ and ‘Silence’: Comparing the phenomenon of the T.I. to other historical harbingers | by Karen Barna | Jul, 2021 | Medium


Janine Chassegeut-Smirgel. (1984) Creativity and Perversion. London. Free Association Books. Chapter 7, “Psychoanalytic Study of Falsehood” and Chapter 9, “Aestheticism, Creation and Perversion.”

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Eric Santner. (1990). Stranded Objects: Mourning, Memory, and Film in Postwar Germany. Ithaca and London. Cornell University Press. The interesting connection to the opening of the play by Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s 1975 play entitled “Trash, City, and Death” was a speech of commemoration by the cardinal of Cologne, Joseph Höffner, in which he declared that the Germans “should not, again and again, exhume past guilt and mutually committed injustices, in constant self-torment.” Yet the connection being made here, by me, is to this fact, German Nazis have not left us but are still living with us in the form of white supremacist narcissism and group (gang) psychology. The only way this can be explained is through personality and the existence of the paranoid-schizoid personality position rooted in pregenital instincts and the pregenital ego of the individual. That is to say, human sadism.

Modern-Day Medicine and the New Era of “Electronic Slavery” in America

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Modern American medicine was built on the backs of black slaves. This is a true statement, and there are countless other examples we can draw on in the recorded annals of human history to support this fact, not just the horrific experiments carried out on the Jews by the Germans during World War II. I’m not going to list them all here. If you are interested in a quick read regarding the presence of unethical, inhumane experimentation found in the human archive you can read When Doctors Kill: Who, Why, and How by Joshua A. Perper and Stephen J. Cina published in 2010. It offers a good glimpse into the prevalence of human sadism and the dehumanization of various minority groups within the field of experimental medicine.

“I am God, your Physician” (Ex. 15:26). The prophets also acknowledge God as a Healer and Jeremiah stated: “Heal us, and we will be healed” (from the blessing for healing, Jeremiah 17:14). Throughout the Torah, God is imbued with great healing powers. It is no wonder that it is written, “The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away” when it comes to health, wealth, and life itself.” (1)

This quote, which was included in Perper’s and Cina’s book, is very interesting because the Bible provided guidance to man on many levels. This guidance came down to him in the form of laws and codes and the very book that governed the reader’s behavior also gave the reader instructions on how to carry out war and genocides, carry out acts of torture and cruelty, how the service of a prostitute was made acceptable and how they were to be paid (by the giving of a goat), bizarre ways of killing children, and how to sell your daughters into slavery and when to stone those daughters to death.

To begin my discussion, we should ask why it is we have all of the current advanced modern technology that we do today? And the answer to this question is, of course, because of the art of war. All of the advanced current modern technology we have today has been developed to make us even more proficient at carrying out acts of war against our enemies. Even the use of neuromodulation therapies can be used on soldiers suffering the traumatic side-effects of war. But like all good things, these very technologies can be used against us in malign and Machiavellian ways. Many of those who claim they are being electronically targeted in some way include antidotal stories recounting their experiences. Antidotal stories are the least creditable source of scientific facts because they lack scientific proof. When trying to make a point that supports an argument claiming electronic targeting you need to provide scientific evidence that supports your claim. When a person claims they are being electronically targeted void of any supporting evidence, people often get labeled a “nut job” or a “conspiracy theorist.” And even still, when the scientific proof is available, you need to tap into the realm of philosophy to untangle the convoluted twisted story of “silence” (e.g., clandestine technologies) and its relationship to abuse.

With the advent of advancing modern technology, we witness within the field of medicine an ever-increasing dependency on new technologies that operate utilizing radiofrequency. We find on the DARPA’s website (Department of Advancing Research Projects Agency) the announcement regarding their new N3 (Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology) program. (2) Various uses of neuromodulation have exploded in the field of medicine over the past years. Although DARPA’s program is geared toward developing “wearable” headgear that delivers electronic stimulus to certain regions of the brain, researchers may have moved into the advancing direction of biologically implantable that utilize wireless signals that do not have to be worn as “gear”, but instead remain permanently in place within the body receiving wireless signals from a broadcasting source. I know there are implantable devices like VNS (Vagus Nerve Stimulator) which, planted in the upper shoulder of the human body, delivers and regulates neuromodulation of electronic stimulus from the vagus nerve to the brain in people suffering from Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy. These biological implants come with a remote-control device the person uses to modulate settings of stimulation. It is also important to note these devices are surgically implanted. They are not surgically non-invasive. (3)(4) Other devices that have been coined “experimental” have been observed in surgically implanted microchips in teeth during dental surgery. (5)


The federal government through the CIA has had a long history of wanting a piece of your mind or at least a stake in knowing how to control the mind. As a result, there have been various programs geared toward controlling states of human consciousness:

“Between 1955 and 1960, the CIA conducted a mind control and brainwashing program with the code name “MKULTRA” using psychoactive drugs such as LSD and mescaline at 80 institutions on hundreds of test subjects. MKULTRA was started on the order of CIA director Allen Dulles on April 13, 1953, largely in response to alleged Soviet, Chinese, and North Korean use of mind-control techniques on U.S. prisoners of war in Korea. The CIA wanted to use similar methods on their own captives and possibly to manipulate foreign leaders with such techniques. The project was run by the Office of Scientific Intelligence under the direction of Dr. Sydney Gottlieb, a psychiatrist, and chemist. Prior to MKULTRA, a number of secret US governmental studies had been conducted to study mind control, interrogation, behavior modification, and related topics including Project CHATTER in 1947, and Project BLUEBIRD and Project ARTICHOKE in 1951. Because most MKULTRA records were deliberately destroyed in 1973 by order of then CIA Director Richard Helms, it is difficult if not impossible to have a complete understanding of the more than 150 individually funded research sub-projects sponsored by MKULTRA and related CIA programs. The Agency invested millions of dollars into studies probing dozens of methods of influencing and controlling the mind by chemical, biological and radiological means (Radio Frequency or RF).”(1)

One of the latest methods and systems for altering states of human consciousness has come to us through a new creation by James Gall. (6) On June 23, 1992, the United States of America has granted a patent for altering the states of human consciousness which involves the simultaneous application of multiple stimuli, preferable sounds, having differing frequencies and wave forms. This technology researches the correlation between electroencephalographic wave rhythms exhibited by the human brain in various states of consciousness. For example, when the human brain is in a relaxed state with eyes closed there is a pulse frequency between the range of 7–14 Hz. When a person is aroused and anxious the rhythms exhibit a pulse frequency in the range of 14–28 Hz, and when a person is sleeping the rhythms fall to within 1.75 to 3.5 Hz range. The latest in cutting edge technology utilizes frequency wave stimulation that targets certain regions of the body and the brain through “wearable” gear that have been utilized by scientists studying psychiatric illness, brain damage (brain trauma), and paraplegics who have had their spinal cords damaged or severed resulting in paralysis. (7) However, with regard to the latest advances in wireless communication and new technologies that are surgically implanted in the human body, devices that can regulate states of consciousness, the possibility of controlling human behavior even further presents to researchers even new possibilities in controlling human behavior.

Experiments of this nature are of personal interest with regard to controlling someone’s “sexual arousal” because women have been the targets for violence; sexual assaults and rapes and have been the human cargo for human traffickers interested in selling young girls and women into the sex trade. In addition, how are men to get their wives “in the mood” when we know many couples experience “sexless” marriages after many years of marriage.


Before the advent of modern technology, men used alcohol or clandestinely slipped a drug into a woman’s drink to try and control them. Today, it has been my experience, women are being manipulated by those close to them (past associates, friends, acquaintances, pastoral counselors, family, intimate partners) through biological implants that may be used for obtaining sexual favors from them or controlling other aspects of their behavior. How is one to explain the female experience of waking up in the morning with severe vaginal soreness? The kind of soreness that comes from a long session of sexual intercourse. Women are being raped in their “sleep,” while in their homes, using a form of advancing technology against them that allows the perpetrator to easily slip in and out of their bedrooms, obtain sexual relations without resistance and without the possibility of any physical altercation. Since new technologies offer the potential to alter states of human consciousness and induce sleep utilizing frequency (Hz) stimulation, how is this happening in America?


If you visit DARPA’s website that discusses their N3 program (Next-Generation Nonsurgical Neurotechnology), it reads:

“DARPA has awarded funding to six organizations to support the Next-Generation Nonsurgical neurotechnology (N3) program, first announced in March 2018. Battelle Memorial Institute, Carnegie Mellon University, John Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), Rice University, and Teledyne Scientific are leading multidisciplinary teams to develop high-resolution, bidirectional brain-machine interfaces for use by able-bodied service members. These wearable interfaces could ultimately enable diverse national security applications such as control of active cyber defense systems and swarms of unmanned aerial vehicles, or teaming with computer systems to multitask during complex missions.” (2)

If these research projects are part of research programs in play at major universities throughout the US, and historically many experimental research projects have been funded by the federal government, then this means all these newly created technology will soon be, if not already, marketed to certain groups of people like medical doctors and others in the field of clinical medicine, or to those with advanced degrees in mathematics and physics, undergraduate students interesting in expanding new technologies with regard to its future possible uses. Promoting these new technologies over websites is part of a web-based campaign known as conspicuous consumption. Who has the purchasing power to buy into such experimental technology? Is it just the federal government? The everyday human? Medicine and the field of health care? Obviously, these new technologies have found their way into the hands of modern doctors as well as in the hands of everyday humans. The Mayo Clinic, the number one top-rated hospital in the United States features some of the latest therapies utilizing biological implants that respond to electromagnetic frequency. (8) Since medicines increasing dependence on technology is rapidly growing, utilizing brain-machine interfaces to help “cure” fatigue sounds like a good idea. But as I have experienced the effects of “brain-electromagnetic stimulation interface” to try and coercively control me into therapy sounds like the Machiavellian deception that it is. A way of manipulating the test subject into a certain location/area. Corralling humans like cattle similar to how farmers control their livestock. Yet, as I have experienced it, this form of electronic targeting has worked in exactly this way. And although there were no explicit words spoken to me during this time while being corralled, we can understand the language that is being expressed. In reading Philosophy of the Maternal Body: Reading silence, we can come to an understanding of the dialectic through the lens of philosophy. The dialectic that is being used when an invisible force latches onto your body and you suddenly come under the control of an unknown assailant can be read as, “Do my will.”

So, who else could be interested in utilizing forms of this technology? How about state policing authorities interested in new models of “communication” in aspects of “social control”? Coercive control is used all the time by those in power ruling over their subjects, especially the police. This technology is part of a market economy whose consumers are those interested in utilizing the latest in 21st-century advances of “Invisible Technology”. I’m led back to the same question, who has the purchasing power to buy into such advancing technology in the interest of “ social control” in utilizing this technology for their group’s benefit? Psychiatric hospitals trying to help “cure” the mentally ill? Obviously, this is one aspect of its use. How about the various state governments interested in imposing new forms of “social control” in curbing “deviance” through new cutting-edge surveillance technologies? Surveillance technologies that might help to ensure bringing “peace” to its communities. Who has access with regard to the purchasing power of these new technologies? People in positions of power within local police administrations who make purchasing decisions on what new technologies offer the latest in cutting-edge surveillance power? How about people within the news media interested in new ways of “communicating” with the public? Am I being targeted by my neighbor, the state government, or the federal government, or someone else interested in controlling my vagina and the “service” it might provide men?

There are various forms of devices that run on an electromagnetic frequency that can be used as part of a surveillance state. All the latest technologies; cell phones, laptops, tablets, wireless telephones, ALEXA, global positioning systems, tracking devices in automobile navigation systems utilizing satellites. The creation of many of these technologies has been funded by the US military through the federal government under military contracts. The internet was developed by the federal government for the purpose of gathering a larger knowledge base in support of the space race and its NASA projects.


To say, “There exists levels of subclinical sadism in the everyday populations of the world” is a gross understatement. In a 2016 research study, researchers concluded they found higher levels of Dark Triad personality traits in students pursuing business degrees. (9) In a 2013 study, researchers found that sadistic personality traits were a predictor for a test subject’s preference for killing bugs, and in a second study found sadistic personality traits predicted the preference for harming innocent victims. (10) In another research study in 2015, researchers concluded that people who admitted having stolen something in their lifetime were higher on primary and secondary psychopathy, Machiavellianism, and dysfunctional impulsivity than those who had not stolen something. In addition to this finding, secondary psychopathy predicted stealing from a wider range of targets than primary psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. The researchers also discussed how their findings might relate to how psychopathy may be part of an adaptive suite of traits that enable a “cheater” strategy. (11)

I would like to reiterate my previous question,

“Women are being raped in their “sleep,” while in their homes, using a form of advancing technology against them that allows the perpetrator to easily slip in and out of their bedrooms, obtain sexual relations without resistance and without the possibility of any physical altercation. Since new technologies offer the potential to alter states of human consciousness and induce sleep utilizing frequency (Hz) stimulation, how is this happening in America?”

“Despite the obvious importance of individual differences in understanding offending behavior (e.g., Miller & Lynam, 2001; Wilcos, Sullivan, Jones, & van Gelder, 2014), there has been relatively little research exploring the relationships between personality and petty thefts in non-incarcerated adults (Lyons, & Jonason, 2015).” (11) I’d like to expand on this quote by comparing how sexual assault and rape may be considered a form of “petty theft”. In researching the attitudes and behaviors of some individuals found within the court system, there is oftentimes experienced by the victim a proclivity by others toward “victim-blaming” when they encounter certain police officers and court administrators. (12) These experiences are often compounded by the fact women often blame themselves for their sexual assault or rape believing they themselves were responsible for it or that the behavior of the male was somehow justified and expected. In a high school sexual assault case that involved the rape of one 16-year-old female by two football players, other students displayed behavior that reflected victim-blaming toward the 16-year-old victim and downplayed the behavior of the two football players. (13) Through the power of social media, researchers were able to positively identify the prevalence of legitimizing rape myths and subverting myths through social media coverage. Myths that excused the behaviors of these two male teenage assailants because they were “good boys” and pinned responsibility on the rape victim herself. As a result of these widely held beliefs, many acts of sexual assault go under-reported. Speaking from my own personal experiences, I have been sexually assaulted many times throughout my life but only once did I ever have the courage to report it. This should be a statement of the type of treatment female victims are expected to endure after reporting sexual assault. Beginning with how women, as a whole, have been taught to expect “no respect” or receive “no fairness under the law” we can come to an understanding of why and how electronic torture is a new phenomenon in the 21st century of “invisible technologies.” Further proof of the covert “grooming” of victims by forcing them to accept the assaults received. If I represent one female, how many more are out there just like me?

It’s interesting to note the first time the term “targeted individual” was googled, was in 2004. (17) The same year Facebook launched. Facebook launched in February 2004.

Now, bring into this discussion of “electronic targeting” and the “targeted individual” suffering a form of abusive “electronic slavery” and “electronic torture” we can begin to unravel the mystery of the phenomenon by citing the prevalence of everyday sadism within non-incarcerated adult populations in various psychoanalytic papers found in the reference section (9)(10)(11), rape myths and subverting beliefs towards others (12)(13), and how these myths and beliefs contribute to the dehumanization of certain ethnic groups and minority groups. New creative technologies that can promote, through self-promoting business strategies, that may actually target and dehumanize certain minority groups by stripping them of their civil rights and denying them their unique human identities (14). Throughout history, we see periodic manifestations of group violence that dehumanize certain groups based on individual differences; ethnic, race, and gender. (15)(16) The electronically targeted individual is no different from other phenomena of historical dehumanization like the institution of slavery.

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How Was Domestic Violence Viewed Prior To The Women’s Rights Movement?

The nymph with the broken back statue depicted in art during the late 19th century resembles closely this statue of a pantheon God stealing away the woman.


It is my understanding that the Woman’s Rights Movement is a progressive movement that is still in play, just like the Civil Rights Movement is still in play with the latest “Black Lives Matter” campaign following the killing of George FloydThe Women’s Rights Movement initially began in 1848, when women organizing themselves for: the right to vote (1920), sought the right to control pregnancy (1914–1973), and the right to abortion is something some women in some states are still trying to obtain for themselves, in addition to the right for fair wages and equal pay.

Women were primarily seen as “property” like black slaves. I am not aware there were really any “laws” governing acts of domestic violence, that is to say, laws that governed acts of violence men committed against their wives, short of murder. But even in cases of murder, if the man was a prominent individual within society, he might be protected by his “friendly associations, influences, and reputation.” During the late 19th century, in the developing war of science and philosophy against the shortcomings of women, many ordinary housewives as well were falling victim to a form of domestic violence, ambush zealously advocated by some of the period’s leading medical authorities. This new medical science offered a practice called “Therapeutic Rape” in which men believed this form of “aggressive discipline,” which was nothing short of sexual assault, could “tame” and subdue a woman who would not listen to her husband. In response to declining birthrates among the middle classes, the very backbone of developing civilization, these authorities called upon husbands everywhere to assert their masculinity behind the drawn curtains of their dignified homes, and to do so by force if necessary. For the newly popular theories of human evolution held that in women signs of evolutionary progress were accompanied by a diminished sexual drive: “The sexual instinct in the civilized woman is, I believe, tending to atrophy,” declared Harry Campbell, a prominent London pathologist, in his book Differences in the Nervous Organization of Man and Woman (1891). The nymph with the broken back depicted in statue relief during the late nineteenth-century was the most graphic casualty of the concept of therapeutic rape. These statues depicted scantly clothed women, breasts exposed, white sheet crossed over her lap no doubt the bed sheet, her hands in a defensive posture, thrown above her head trying to escape. The image of JonBenet Ramsey comes to mind, the child beauty queen found in her basement bound and strangled with her hands tied above her head. Men were expected to take control of their wives and wives were expected to obey their husbands as “children” subdue to their parents. Since men were the ones who earned income, they went out to work while women were expected to assume their roles as non-wage earners, providing a service in the care of their husbands and children, attending to their needs, health, and well-being. If the domestic violence was brutal enough to leave marks and scars, the woman, if she was lucky, might be awarded a divorce. But where was she go? If she was lucky enough, she’d have some friends who would take her in and help her establish some mode of independence, but most women stayed with their abusive husbands, a problematic that still resonates into modern-day as well, though perhaps not as prevalent as many avenues have opened for women’s independence.

Right around this time, as the woman’s movement began to gain momentum (the late 1800s), women began to be depicted in art and literature as “primal beasts” which makes one suspect if this was not due to the tensions and anxieties of the movement. Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1897) is a very carefully constructed cautionary tale directed to men of the modern temper, warning them not to yield to the bloodlust of the feminist, she who bears the degenerative stamp of the “new woman” and to take every precaution in protecting himself by securing the purity of his bloodline. All this outpouring of angst resulting from “a battle between the sexes.” Prior to the women’s rights movement, gender roles had pretty much remained the same as they did in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, in my opinion.

Similar to the ancient women of Athens in the 5th century BC, “the glory of women was to have no glory.” Human history is a history of wars and political decisions, acts of domination and power in which women, historically speaking, rarely found themselves playing any part unless it was through a clandestine act of seduction. If a woman was attractive enough and rose to a position of power, she could use her sexuality, just like men used their position of political power, to attempt a coup. The only power women had over men, was her provocative sexual allure. Even Cleopatra used her sexual allure to entrap Caesar into marriage and a political arrangement that was designed to serve her continued rule and protect her beloved Egypt. In ancient Greek literature, Herodotus, the ancient Greek historian, recorded only women who were barbarians or the wives of tyrants, or who died violent deaths; or he made a woman’s death an excuse for mentioning as an unusual funeral rite. They were never depicted in ancient Greek literature as holding any office, position of status, or influence over politics other than wife and mother. Thus, their glory was to have no glory. We could recount the tale of Hatshepsut, the mother regent who kinged herself Pharoah, and the ensuing destruction after her reign ended with all images, statues, and written text speaking her name were removed from the Egyptian archives.

Women have historically been held down, cast into roles of mythical evil. In Rosemary Balsam’s book, Women’s Bodies in Psychoanalysis, she writes:

“….the historian Merry Weisner-Hanks draws a connection between silence and virtue in women: ‘Because Eve tempted Adam by using words, women’s speech becomes linked with sin and disobedience, and female silence is thus interpreted as a divine command.’ She goes on to say that, “Italian, English, and German, Protestant, Jewish and Catholic men all agreed that the ideal woman was……’ chaste, silent and obedient.’

If we were to analyze the nymph with the broken back depicted in statue relief during the late 19th century, would not its image convey to us those exact same sentiments of punishments handed down to the disobedient woman who refused to remain in silent subjection and play her role as the virtuous wife and mother?


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The Subject and Power: Subjugation in the era of 21st century Android and drone technology

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Updated: January 28, 2021 06:46 AM EST

Tags: Technology-Facilitated Violence, Subjection, Subjugation, Coercive Control, Social Injustice, Social Inequality, Power, Domination, Social Control, Oppression, Silence, Denial,Cyber Crime, Cyber Misbehavior, Electronic Torture, Electronic Harassment, Electronic Targeting, Targeted Individuals, Electromagnetic Frequency, Radio Waves

To gain an appreciation on how the “Subject and Power” operate (a nod to Michael Foucault), particularly within the realm of the global social order you have to first begin to ask yourself how marginalized groups have been utilized, in particular, those deemed less valuable or “worthless” or those feared like the homosexual or the “psychopath” by those in positions of control and power, and by “those in positions of control and power”, I mean people like; doctors, lawyers, politicians, those in administrative judicial positions, teachers, the military, etc. And by marginalized groups; I mean female black slaves, black male sharecroppers and their families, women, the disabled, children, the mentally ill, the Jews during the Holocaust, those found in the lower class subdivisions. First, the government exploits young men and women from disadvantaged upbringings by offering them positions in the military. Why? Because of the “untamed sexual instincts of the lower classes” that cause “incompetent mating and/or pairing” with a “larger number of offspring” within those subdivisions of class. You’ll never see a military recruitment office on the grounds of Harvard or Yale Universities. Why? In a comment that has been rescinded, university administrators have said, “There is no need for a recruitment office on the grounds of our campus.” This is because with a Harvard or Yale degree a young man or woman doesn’t have to sell themselves into the hands of the Devil, risking life and limb to earn income and provide for their families. Hearing this comment from Harvard’s school administrator, at least for me, drew a stark defined line in the sand between the “haves” and “haves not”. Those that rule and those that do not.

Money is the God that rules the global social order whether you realize it or not. In particular, capitalistic markets have always strived to drive competition, innovation, and invention in order to create new market economies that strengthen the American economy. Big pharma is one of those markets. Technology is another. Medicine’s dependency on technology is growing at an ever-alarming rate and test subjects, sometimes scarce, historically were found among the human fodder of the lower classes. Human beings are seen as commodities, but not just by misogynistic men and criminal sex traffickers. They are seen as commodities by both the federal government with their military soldiers and by those in experimental research programs who experiment on human test subjects. This is a historical fact. It is in man’s nature to be over-controlling, narcissistic, and sadistic. Historically speaking, women have suffered at the hands of powerful men, and in their socially defined roles, they have suffered immense pain and terrible consequences for any perceived deviations from what was expected of them. Nicole Loraux was a French historian of classical Athens. She wrote,

“Deaths represented on the stage, great suffering, wounds: events of tragedy, a spectacle. As one considers the examples given by Aristotle to support his definition of tragic pathos as “action causing destruction or suffering,” how can one possibly doubt that in the Athenian theater death was meant to be seen? Thanatoi en toi phaneroi: death agonies in public, a murder in front of everybody . . . As I reread Aristotle’s sentence, I am puzzled, and I realize that I should warn the reader that in these pages it is the listener to tragedy who will take precedence over the spectator, because everything comes to us through words. Everything happens in words, and this is particularly true of death (Loraux, 1991).”

Psychology and psychoanalysis have turned to ancient Greek classical literature to understand and interpret, from a psychological perspective, the tropes and themes of tragedy. Tropes and themes that sometimes involve War and Death. The human psyche represents a similar theatre stage. In every individual’s life, the characters are cast alongside one another and each character delivers their role. As the storylines unfold, characters that are not too unfamiliar to the ones cast in Shakespearian drama, comedy, and tragedy interact with the subject and they play out their history.

Philosophy and Reading Silence

In Loraux’s words, “…it is the listener to tragedy who will take precedence over the spectator, because everything comes to us through words.” This is, for the most part, true. However, I would substitute “words” for “language” because not all stories are told through the explicit written word, some stories come to us through the language of silence and denial. That is, in the absence of what can be directly spoken. That is, in the absence of vision. In the philosophy of silence, Jean-François Lyotard wrote:

“Language” has no exterior because it is not in space. But it can say space. It can say the body. It can say the body “says” something, that silence speaks (Lyotard, 1984; Lyotard, 1988).”

And this is true. We can understand the language of silence through metaphor and symbolism. In Philosophy and the Maternal Body: Reading silence, Michelle Boulous Walker discusses the philosophical problems with Louis Althusser writings, she quotes Monique Plaza, Ideology Against Women:

“. . .[Althusser] defends his social position as a man, which totally blinds him to the sex-class antagonisms and oppression in which he participates. This is far more a crime of theory against women than it is a crime of revisionism. The murder of a woman is within the continuum of the discursive negation of women. It is, perhaps the Althusserians would say, an ideology in action. In fact, I agree: ideology against women is not just a matter of words; it is also a matter of death (Walker, 1998, p.39).”

In reading with the eye, in the absence of what is not spoken, because non-vision is a form of vision and is inside vision, Althusser states, “to understand this necessary and paradoxical identity of non-vision and vision with vision itself . . . [in order] to make us see what the . . . text itself says while not saying it, does not say while saying it (Althusser, 1979) . . . This field organizes the possibilities of the text, as a field of vision and in so doing creates in this same gesture the field of non-vision or impossibility, the silences, and exclusions. What the problematic refuses becomes the repressed, unconscious of the text (Walker, 1998, p. 35).”

Poetics and metaphor

Part of the purpose for the study of psychoanalysis and of the study of history is to come to an understanding of various historical phenomena that have contributed to human pain and suffering. With the development of 21st-century technology, we observe the phenomena known as the Targeted Individual suffering from electromagnetic assaults and torture, that event is placed inside a field of non-vision, we need to read the text with the eye of non-vision instead of with the explicit word of vision because this phenomenon comes to use inside the field of the non-spoken word; the invisible. The approach to the analysis of electromagnetic assaults requires us to utilize the pivotal space within philosophy, constantly shifting our gaze from what is periodically visible and invisible, between what is explicitly said and what is symbolically rendered and unspoken. “Now this is not to say that it serves the same purpose as it does in Plato’s text [cave allegory] but rather that its presence signifies a tension in each, the point at which the text “divulges the undivulged event (Walker, 1998, p. 35)”

Speaking the Silence of the Undivulged Event

In a journal article entitled Subclinical Sadism and the Dark Triad published in the Journal of Individual Differences, researchers analyzed the prevalence of “everyday sadism” among a population of Canadian college students. Everyday sadism is also defined as “subclinical sadism,” which has been linked to the Dark Triad. Sadism refers to the dispositional tendency to engage in cruel, demeaning, or antagonistic behaviors for pleasure or subjugation (Plouffe, Saklofske, & Smith, 2017). Sadistic individuals take pleasure in causing or witnessing acts of cruelty, in which the suffering of others in itself is rewarding (Baumeister & Campbell, 1999; Plouffe et al., 2017). “Charbrol et al. (2009) observed that sadistic traits present in both the normal population as well as in clinical and criminal groups, suggesting that sadism is a dimensional personality trait that lies on a continuum.” In their study, sadism and psychopathy independently predicted delinquent and antisocial behaviors in adolescent boys, and the authors suggested that the underlying aggressive and impulsive tendencies of the high-sadism individual explain its stronger link with delinquency. They subsequently proposed that the “Dark Triad” should be expanded to include sadism and renamed the “Dark Tetrad.” As such, the objective of this study was to investigate the dimensionality of the Dark Tetrad and evaluate whether sadism is a unique, yet conceptually related construct of the Dark Triad traits.

The primary purpose of the research study was to investigate how sadism correlates with relevant personality constructs and distinguish sadism from other “dark” constructs and examine its relationships with broader personality traits. Construct validity for subclinical sadism was supported through negative correlations with agreeableness, honesty-humility, emotionality, and conscientiousness, which was consistent with other research findings (Johnson, Plouffe, & Saklofske, 2019).

Since subclinical sadism is a personality trait that exists on a continuum within the population, the researchers of the Dark Triad sadism study proposed that the “Dark Triad” be changed to the “Dark Tetrad.” This change would encompass three new facets that weren’t previously included in the Dark Triad: verbal sadismphysical sadism, and vicarious sadism. Verbal sadism involves humiliating and mocking others. Whereas physical sadism involves sadism addresses the desire for subjugation and enjoyment of hurting others, and vicarious sadism taps an indirect form of sadism where pleasure is obtained through observing or fantasizing about violence. While sadism, psychopathy, narcissism, and Machiavellianism are all positively associated with aggression, their situational determinants are different. Specifically, those high in sadism engage in violence for sheer enjoyment (Buckels et al., 2013), whereas psychopathic individuals are aggressive for instrumental purposes or when physical provocation takes place (Jones & Paulhus, 2010). Those high in narcissism are aggressive in reaction to ego threats (Jones & Paulhus, 2010), and individuals high in Machiavellianism are more cautious and are less likely to be aggressive unless it benefits them considerably (Jones & Neria, 2015; Jones & Paulhus, 2011). Correlations between the Dark Triad and sadism are often reported as small to moderate for narcissism and moderate to large for Machiavellianism and psychopath (e.g., Book et al., 2016; Buckels et al., 2013; Chabrol et al., 2009; Pajevic, Vukosavljevic-Gvozden, Stevanovic & Neuman, 2018; Plouffe et al., 2017).

Since the majority of sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissists, those in possession of personality disorders like Machiavellianism are not found primarily in jails and prisons and reside within the public sphere of civilian everyday life, the paper Subclinical Sadism and the Dark Triad is worthy of consideration with regard to the development of the 21st-century phenomena of Targeted Individuals suffering from electromagnetic assaults and torture. Using this information to support the prevalence of everyday sadism within the general population (e.g. subclinical sadism) and the use of wireless remote clandestine technologies that target and manipulate human objects, we can draw a conclusion with regard to its tropic of discourse. That is to say, it’s “figure of speech.” A trope presupposes an accepted version of reality for its operation. According to Hayden White’s remark in Tropics of Discoursetrope comes to us through the word tropus, which in Classical Latin meant “metaphor” or “figure of speech.” And with regard to the development of the 21st-century phenomena known as the Targeted Individual we come back to Althusser’s problematic. That is the self-serving entitlement of a male’s social position through subjugation, abuse, and oppression. Of which we have historically witnessed as a “figure of speech” time and time again especially as it applies to music theory of “mood” and “measure”.

The 21st-century phenomena of Targeted Individuals suffering electromagnetic assaults and torture belong to a network of hidden operators working in the service of some male’s self-entitled social position, or more clearly, in the service of dominant masculinity to utilize power through abusive clandestine subjugation and oppression. That is, it comes to us through the masculine social position of power and dominance traditionally witnessed in patriarchy, and to which American’s recently witnessed as the white supremacy and neo-Nazi groups that stormed the U.S. Capitol building.


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Axon, Pulver, Stassen-Berger, Fraser, Salman, Penzenstadler, Wedell, Hines, & Baratz (2021) Capitol riot arrests: See who’s been charged across the U.S. USA Today. Published online January 27, 2021. Retrieved January 27, 2021. https://www.usatoday.com/storytelling/capitol-riot-mob-arrests/


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Exploring layers of trauma that have been transmitted socially, politically, spatially, and intergenerationally

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Tags: Abuse, Physical Assualt, Sexual Assault, Sexual Violence, Rape, Domestic Violence, Terrorism, Trauma

When I was growing up my father tried to encourage me to do things like eat the fat and grizzle off my steak because it “puts hair on your chest” my sister would obey. I never did. As far as females would go, who would want hair on their chest. But my sister would comply. She gobbled it up happily. They said it tasted like butter. He would also encourage aggression like a crowd would cheer for an opponent in a fight. Being who my father was, male aggression was admired and he encouraged it in us, but I was less aggressive than my sister. My sister would sup up the reward and admiration bestowed for it and after observing, experiencing, and then acting out aggressive behavior my family’s cultural ethos was slowly distilled. I was depressed in childhood, withdrawn, quiet. I retreated into myself. I now understand the phrase “abuse-related incapacity” because I had become self-withdrawn.

Now I am 52, soon to be 53, and I find myself in a toxic relationship with my twin sister, my mother, and my sister’s boyfriend. After allowing me to live here in my mother’s house with my 86-year-old mother, I was told that I have to take care of her. I have no income or spousal support. So, my sister had agreed to let us use the American Express card for groceries and necessities. But then I am made sick for using it! They are using electronic targeting against me for accepting their help. Yet, I’m still expected to care for my mother and attend to her needs while being abused with electromagnetic frequency. So, who is using this technology on us? Who is causing us pain? We are being watched and I don’t think my family is the only one involved in my stalking. They shoulder some of the blame, they shoulder some of the responsibility for the abuse that is perpetrated against me but there are other men out there that may be working with them. I don’t know?

Being in a relationship with my sister is like being in a funhouse where there are constantly shifting floors and walls. You never know where you stand because at any moment a wall can shift and you find yourself in another room. The rules change arbitrarily. I was told I had to act as a servant to my mother while periodically being abused by the three of them. I was told I could live here, take care of my mother, help her with breakfast, bathing and washing, cleaning and cooking, grocery shopping, and lawn care. And as a token of appreciation, I would get $5.00 a day for a little alcohol. Not a healthy habit, I know. Then someone started harming me with electromagnetic frequency and it forced me to cope using alcohol every day. If I could have drunk more, I would have and that is something that was a major change from my previous behavior. Of course, I would drink before all this started happening but it was never hard alcohol. It was maybe 3 to 4 beers of my favorite beer or 3 to 4 glasses of my favorite wine 3 times weekly. After studying psychoanalysis, I am in a better position to understand the mechanizations that have contributed to, not only my own pathology but to other family members’ pathology.

Then my sister and her boyfriend came to my house when my son was in the 9th grade and they took him out of the house because I couldn’t provide adequate space for him. They are abusive people but because they had wealth, a large home, fine cars they were perceived as being “upstanding citizens.” The kind of people the federal government would want to hire because they pay their bills, own homes, have cars, own credit lines, and pay their taxes. But wealth is not an indication of moral standing. Abusive people produce underachievers and instill a sense of defeat and failure because they DON’T ENCOURAGE, THEY DON’T SUPPORT, AND THEY CERTAINLY LACK ANY REAL CONCERN OR EMPATHY FOR ANOTHER’S WELL BEING. And although my sister and her boyfriend can help provide my son assistance, I feel he may not be in a safe place. Because she tells me all the time, “He’s just like you!” And I’m her little tool, her little plaything she gets to manipulate and exploit because she can. They tell people, “I’ll help you.” That’s what she told my mother and me and then, the floor and walls shifted, they get angry and act out against us because we are their “sycophants” for needing their help. They don’t know how or maybe don’t want to help people figure out a plan to be self-sufficient, they want you to be dependent on them, or on alcohol, so they can manipulate you. It’s the game psychopaths play.

I have been abused, sexually, physically, and emotionally and while this is all going on, they want to “fix” me while I am being abused. Is this not the very abuse that is perpetuating the previous abuses in the first place? I have been raped several times in my life and somehow it has just been perceived as “it’s what men sometimes do.” On this particular night, they were experimenting with electromagnetic frequency and sleep to sedate me. I know they were experimenting on me because I started to dream vividly. I fell asleep one night while my son was staying overnight at my sister’s and I woke up in the morning with vaginal soreness. I had not been drinking the night before because this was at a time, I didn’t drink every day. I was much thinner and younger then and one might say I represented as a symbol for “aesthetic sexual beauty.” I am certain I had been violated the night before but because I was unconscious, I don’t remember anything that happened. This has happened to me before with men I would date, but never in my own home. Women can be used as vehicles and/or “lent out” for sex and payment. I’m fairly certain this happened on one occasion with a particular guy I was living with at the time but what happened in my home that night? Was I “lent out” for payment?

There are a group of people at Shop-Rite. When I arrive in the store, at first, I don’t feel anything, but then five minutes after I arrive, I feel electromagnetic frequency turned on. Is it someone working at the store turning on the frequency or is someone following me? It also gets turned on when I sit down at my lap-top, and this I feel has something to do with what I have chosen to study; psychoanalysis, object relations theory, and abnormal psychology. I’ve noticed a direct correlation between the electromagnetic frequency I’ve been experiencing and my wireless router. The implants, I have two, that are located in my body seem to respond to electromagnetic fields; cellular broadcasting signals. These signals cast a signal and make me feel tired so I don’t want to move around. As a result, I lay down in bed and have become sedentary like my 86-year-old mother.

Google Earth not only records street and road information but also records the IP address of wireless routers. This is done so that when Google interacts with people, they can associate an IP address to a location. I’m fairly certain the implant in my lower abdomen acquires wireless signals but I don’t know how because you need a password to access services. The other implant in my head, I don’t know if it acquires wireless signals or if it is turned in to a certain frequency like a two-way radio that transmits audio.

Despotism creates an atmosphere for revolution. It is like John F. Kennedy said, “Those who make a peaceful revolution impossible make a violent revolution inevitable.” Through the repeated denial of rights, usurpations of power, and acts of dehumanization by those in power cause the manifestations of hate speech and the development of political ideologies that are the foundation of violent revolutions. There is a reason why a small number of battered women kill their abusers. It has happened at various times to despotic tyrants in human history.

I’m screaming at my family because that is what they do to me. They come into my home and act aggressively towards me like an abusive intimate partner. Issuing aggressive demands, “Give me $500.00.” When I say, “No. I can’t give you $500.00, I can give $300.00.” They respond with even more aggression, “No. I want $500.00.” If this goes on long enough it causes me to start acting like them through arousal and transference a screaming match ensues. It is as we have exactly witnessed with Donald Trump and his hate speech and rhetoric. It caused arousal and transference of the symbolic relationship and they acted with aggression as they moved into the Capitol building.


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Some Notes on How Technology-Facilitated Violence Relates to the Use of Objects and the Transitional Object Phenomena in Object Relations Theory

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Tags: Electronic Targeting, Electronic Torture, Electronic Harassment, Targeted Individuals, Technology-Facilitated Violence, Crime, Abuse, Physical Assault, Object Relations, Stalking, Cyber Stalking, Cyber Misbehavior, Domestic Violence, Coercive Control, Online, 21st Century Technology, Terrorizing Intimate Partners, Violent Crime, Sextortion, Sexual Assault, Grooming Female Sex Roles

According to the following journal article, the person that keeps using electromagnetics against me needed something to suck on as an infant as a precursor to his/her transitional counter-phobic object phenomena. In the paper, The Precursors of Transitional Objects and Phenomena, Renata Gaddini states:

“Transitional objects and phenomena have precursors too. Precursors differ from transitional objects in that they are neither separate from the infant (e.g., the thumb) nor created by him (e.g., the dummy shoved into the infant’s mouth are coped with, in the early months, with these precursors. Autistic children are not able to cope thus; they do not suck. A possible biological, constitutional basis has recently been suggested by Frances Tustin for this inability: that it may be due to muscle floppiness and poor coordination.

Precursors of transitional objects are based on nipple-like sensations. They correspond to those which Tustin used to refer to as normal autistic objects and which she now indicates as autosensuous. Precursors to transitional objects are objects that have the capacity to console the child and have not been discovered or invented by the child. They are provided by the mother or are parts of the child’s or the mother’s body. Besides the tongue and the fingers, the forerunners of transitional objects include (1) the pacifier, (2) the bottle used as a pacifier (3) the child’s wrist (4) the mother’s wrist (5) the back of the child’s hand (6) the back of the mother’s hand and (7) the child’s hair, ears or naevi, which are touched or rubbed to produce a tactile sensation in association with the sucking or other combined actions.”

What’s interesting about the precursor to transitional objects is they have exclusive talismanic value typical of transitional objects. A talisman is any object ascribed with religious or magical powers intended to protect, heal, or even harm individuals for whom they are made. Talismans are often portable objects carried on someone in a variety of ways, but can also be installed permanently in architecture. If these “portable objects” can be permanently installed in architecture, then what prevents modern medicine from implanting these talismanic electronic tethers that respond to the electromagnetic frequency in the bodies of human beings. What’s interesting regarding the talismanic symbolism associated with these electronic tethers (the electronic device that sends electromagnetic signals to biologically implanted devices to torture and abuse) is that new and advancing technology is portable, it can provide protection as seen in the “Find My Device” and “On Star” feature in cell phones and modern automobiles, and they may even be capable of inflicting harm by hacking or casting electronic signals to transient Objects in the environment.

As is well known, transitional objects and phenomena are basically symbols of union, that is union after separation from the mother. In adolescence, the use of videogames with the use of remote controls can facilitate coping mechanisms in which the child can feel powerful utilizing Objects (e.g., machine guns and swords) as the extension of the self. Only gradually do they represent the baby or the mother and father. Because of the significance of symbolism regarding the union with the mother, a union that is represented because the mother exploits the precursory transitional objects as a way to “break free” from attentive caregiving by forcing these objects into the mouth of the infant (Winnicott, 1968). Also, these transitional objects can manifest as counter-phobic objects; fetishized objects used as religious amulets. Renata Gaddini states:

“It is the transitional object at a time when there is as yet no separateness and individuation because there has not been separation and loss and the origin of the potential space for creation. At times it is difficult to differentiate the precursor object from the transitional object in purely descriptive terms. We must be able to understand what each of them means to the infant.”

To understand what separation and individuation means, it is defined as the infant separating from the mother as he or she begins to understand his or her world through the realization that mother is separate from the infant. That is, the infant-self realizes the mother has wishes and a will of her own which are separate and independent of the child’s. The child is free to develop his own unique sense of identity. In most cases, separation and individuation phases occur in most adults. With regards to myself, in my particular case, separation and individuation has occurred. But it hasn’t occurred with the perpetrator using the electronic device that acts as the transitional counter-phobic object in its attacks against me as the “surrogate breast.” As the transitional counter-phobic object (e.g., electronic device casting the signals) the perpetrator uses to abuse the “surrogate breast”, this behavior is based on the paranoid-schizoid position of personality disorders. The same spectrum of disorders also includes autism. These two positions, paranoid-schizoid and autism, can be made relevant through the adult child’s lack of concern or empathy for the Object through its repetitive sadistic attacks. Because the child continues in its sadistic, primitive, and archaic attacks against the surrogate Object it represents a developmental failure in acquiring the capacity for concern and empathy.

People might say to me, “Oh, well it’s because you haven’t separated from your mother. You need to find your own place, free and clear of any dependent “status” on your maternal object.” First, I have been dedicating my time and attention to my 86-year-old mother because she is failing in her mobility. What’s more, many people do not understand this requires much more than just a “move away” from an Object towards independence. It requires legal interventions, explanations, and empirical evidence in which courts of law, mental health caregivers, and the general public can utilize as a resource in stopping this form of experimental coercive control and abuse. It requires restraining orders and lawsuits to make sure these types of abuses aren’t perpetrated on the general public at large. A benchmark standard with which federal and state law practices can adhere to definitions, terms, and penalties for such violations. These are all needed because it’s not just my physical safety that is in danger. The general public at large is in danger of receiving these same violations if legislation isn’t passed. Because I’m certainly not the one performing the sadistic, primitive attacks against my own body with regard to this electronic targeting and torture. Issues of personal safety are at risk for the general safety and security of the nation.

It is my opinion that the person using this electronic tether connected to my body suffers periodic psychotic breaks in reality in which he or she believes they are in their full right to torture, demean, dehumanize, through violent means if necessary, the sadistic behavior directed at me, the Object, which appears to threaten the perpetrator’s existence in some way. This is based on a delusional fantasy because the perpetrators of these attacks have no foundation on which to factually base any real claims of “threat” and the electronic tether acts or behaves like the original precursor to transitional objects found in object relations. It quells anxiety, gives the adult child a feeling of having a “super-power” and it provides the child with satisfaction as they have dominion and control over “mother’s vast resources”; love, nurture, attention, the endless supply of her breast milk, warmth and protection because they are now in control of the Object. With regard to the attention-seeking behavior of these electronic assaults, how else would the perpetrator keep his or her victim “speaking” about these phantasmagorical, seemingly absurd violations but to continually make sure the electromagnetic signals keep getting delivered to the Object body? Could have this perpetrator been ignored, left hungry, and cold by his or her maternal Object? And now threatened are they by the Object’s “move away” from his or her wishes? Here is where the “stand-in Object” fills the void and quells the anxiety, the hole left behind from an earlier neglectful mother? It is, after all, the “pacifier” or the “breast substitute” (e.g., the bottle filled with milk) that helps quell the anxiety of mother’s separation from the child, and this electronic tether can most certainly be perceived as the stand-in “pacifier” for the lost Object. It is in all likelihood the perpetrator may have suffered profound abuse and neglect at the hands of an abusive maternal Object in his or her early childhood development as this abuse is pathological. Abandoned and left ignored of his/her basic needs, he uses a transitional counter-phobic object, the electronic tether, to cope. I say this because I see it as a recapitulation of the same abuse received in childhood as its aim is to thwart the progress of a self-caring Object (e.g., thwarting physical exercise and bathing). Renata Gaddini further states:

“We find that the process of attachment to the transitional object (the symbolic representation of the reunion with the lost mother) takes place when the child feels deserted or lonely in the empty space and time between the developing self and the mother. Soon the transitional object will serve as a powerful protection against anxiety arising from the threat of separation and abandonment, anxiety which arises particularly in relation to the detachment from reality and the separation from the object, such as occurs when falling asleep.”

Gaddini, R. (2003). The Precursors of Transitional Objects and Phenomena. Psychoanalysis and History, 5(1), 53–61

Winnicott, D.W. (1968) From the unpublished correspondence with Renata Gaddini (cited in the above paper).



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