Are You A Targeted Individual? Here Is Another Piece of Advice To Consider

The above illustration depicts a HISTORY of PAST behaviors not necessarily CURRENT behaviors as a previous victim of rape, date rape, domestic violence, past drug abuse, and a criminal complaintant filed as a violent crime. The most atrocious online behavior I have encountered, talking about my experiences, was the prevelence of victim blaming. That idea that some how I deserved the treatment I was receiving because of my past drug history with no consideration to my current situation.

The latest issue of Violence and Gender published an article entitled “Feminicide Violence Before During the COVID-19 Health Emergency.” This article includes a chart for the Dependent Variable and the corresponding Independent Variables related to attempted acts of feminicide as well as feminicide itself (see below).

The same type of illustration can be made for each specific case of Group (Gang) Stalking with electronic targeting assaults and psychotronic torture. Pictured ABOVE is a ROUGH DRAFT illustration depicting some of my variables which I believe contributed to my gang stalking. I need to work on getting it type-printed using an Excel flow chart graph.

If your a victim of Group (Gang) Stalking with electronic assaults suffering psychotronic torture, you might want to compile a similar chart listing all possible independent variables that may have contributed to your gang stalking.

A major glaring red flag for me is Capital Health Systems at Fuld, Psychiatric Holding Area, Trenton, New Jersey. A major trauma hospital that serves the surrounding communities as well as low-income, welfare recipients through social service programs.

It is important to note my electronic targeting assaults began in 2009 as electronic psychotronic torture. Well after I had made changes to my behavior by removing myself from the surrounding drug culture.


Mendoza, Olga Teodora Bardales; and Diaz, Renan Meza. (2021). “Femicide Violence Before and During the COVID-19 Health Emergency.” Violence and Gender. Volume 8, No. 3, September 2021 Issue.

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