More On Falsehood and The Charlatan Lie

Image of Phryne a famous “prostitute” from ancient Greece who was described as educated, sophisticated and aromatic. I personally believe she may have been a very lucrative business woman. There were female prostitutes spoken of in the Bible too, and each served God in a specific way. Gomer was a prostitute and God had the prophet Hosea marry her because God wanted their union to be a symbol of “God’s love to an unfaithful Church.” The history entwined with this narrative behind the story of a harlot woman named Gomer ultimately revealed how power inevitably seeks sanctification.

I’ve been thinking about how we lie. How there are so many different types of lies. Take for instance, the time I made love to a man whom I didn’t truly love nor found very attractive and made him feel like he was truly loved and desired by a woman, if only for one night. If only for those few hours I made a piece of his soul whole again, and a piece of mine as well, then what was the harm in that? Is there not an art belonging to a healer? The art to making men feel whole again? Then why is it that these acts are cast to a label called “darkness” and “sin“? Why are woman who perform these types of services labeled “Jezebel“, “Harlot“, and “Whore” by the men who fear them? And why are the men who accept these women’s services called “Whoremasters“. Isn’t that the lie, the perversion of Truth? The lie belonging to the ego of men and women who are the white supremist narcissists of a culture? Those men and women who place themselves above other men rather than that what is found in man’s true nature? Yet this is but another illusion brought on by Falsehood. When the Truth to living a life in this world are men find themselves at points in thier lives when they do need a “filler“, a “bandage“, some “medicine“. We have been called “Love Doctors“, the sha-women for men’s libido, providing the spark needed to rekindle men’s confidence. The Lie is man’s belief in his “perfectibility”. Man will never be perfect. Some semblance of perfection may be achieved for a while but is never maintained. All factors cannot be controlled. Life sometimes gives us lemons and men do what they must to survive.  

Beautiful women who give good loving are envied by both men and women alike. They are envied because what they have is desired by others, and what they possess wants to be captured by those that envy them. And here in lies the twisted distortion that is cast upon their heads, the enviers cast these women in the role of mythical Evil, carefully fashioning their mythical seduction for their viewing audience in damage control for their own wounded narcissistic loss (for their egos). It is the lie told by some “dog faced” feminist who, stuck in her self referential inertia, is angry because she unconsciously fears her own sexuality or her growing maturity. The reality that she in some way has been denied a penis. So, she refuses to wear make-up, high heels, and revealing clothing because she doesn’t want to be “held down” by “men like Donald Trump“, billionaires who purchase their beauties like the Scotch & Cigars they consume after closing a large business venture. When she doesn’t even realize that part of what she believes may belong to her own unanalyzed unconscious past.  

Shouldn’t people be valued for what they can give to the world? And those who take from the world despised and outcast? But what do these “harlot” women take from the world? The Truth, NOTHING! The Truth, people like Donald Trump aren’t taking women from the world that don’t want to be kept women. He’s taking women who aren’t afraid of their sexuality. Women who aren’t afraid to be flaunted and exposed, used as props. What’s wrong with using your body as a prop anyway? Politicians do it all the time, but we don’t recognize it as such. This is why women like Melanie Trump are hated and feared because they are unafraid to expose their own sense of felt sexuality, and people fear that courageous act. These unanalyzed unconscious phantasies are so pervasive in our culture, my writing is sure to be met with outrage and called an “abomination”. But I say, unless you have been analyzed by a professional psycho-therapist for several years, and have been told that YOU, YOURSELF, DO NOT POSSESS ANY UNCONSICOUS PHANTASIES TOWARDS WOMEN, this psychoanalytic Truth stands STEAD FAST! You are part of the problem for the hatred slung at women. You are part of the problem responsible for the murder of thousands of prostitutes. It is because of people like you, possessing similar unanalyzed unconscious phantasies surrounding female sexuality that women keep getting crapped upon. Stop blaming women for other people’s paranoia and delusional irrationality surrounding female sexuality!

The flip-side to this argument is the fact that feminist play it “safe” by refusing to wear make-up, high heels, and revealing clothing simply because most of the world fears female sexuality. In performing this behavior feminists remove a target from their backs, but they are unconsciously playing into mainstream of unconscious unanalyzed fear recapitulated throughout history’s play book and using the same “prop” strategy I might add.  This strategy will make others feel safe while monopolizing on your political agenda. So, what’s wrong with that? And why is the prostitute treated lower than a second-class citizen?

There’s a reason why prostitutes are murdered. There’s a reason why women are beaten unconscious by their husbands but it’s not because they dressed like prostitutes or purchased the wrong type of laundry detergent.  If you think dressing like my mother while she was raising five children is the answer to combating misogynistic oppression, I have to seriously question your logic and problem-solving capabilities. It may seem like a “safe” approach to dress like a religious house wife, but this is only an illusion. It’s an illusion that provides a nice blanket of comfort to your own wounded ego because “you won’t be like them“. It’s an illusion because it denies women the right to freely express themselves and showcase their unique identities. It’s as much of an illusion as it is to believe Donald Trump keeps women “down” which is another Falsehood. Therein lies the deception, the dupe, the distortion, the “damage control”. It’s called SPIN and spin is used to see how a certain piece of information is received by the public (the viewing audience). A publicist might call a friendly member of the press letting them in on some piece of information. When the journalist writes about it the next day in the newspaper, this allows the publicist to see what type of “kickback” his information gets. This is done in political administrations ALL THE TIME! What’s the kickback in the “spin of dressing like a saint so I can make people feel “safe” and achieve my political agenda? The kickback is, you make them believe the illusion, and the illusion is a lie people are willing to pay money for.  

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