Reinforcing Social Power and Discounting Consent

Coercive control is a strategy some people use to forcefully get their way in relationships. This behavior can look like isolating, manipulating, threatening, or punishing their partner. It’s abuse.

Updated September 30, 2020 11:09 am EST

The practice of “veiling” is a concept that challenges Western cultural notions of consent by questioning the woman’s sense of agency against liberal framework found in many Western cultures. Veiling is primarily viewed, by Western culture, as oppressive and misogynistic. Many women who chose to wear a veil for personal reasons, may find themselves facing skepticism in Western culture because most people in Western culture assume that women would not wear the veil unless they were being coerced, under a false consciousness, or were reacting to other oppressive circumstances. As a result, several political controversies erupted in Western European countries over veiling practices as a way to free women from a repressive Islamic culture. (1) What became apparent was the fact that mainstream society discounts the language of consent even when meant to resignify a practice rooted in fundamentalism. The fact is, there are some women who freely choose to wear a veil and their are some women in the culture who do not wish to wear a headscarf covering the neck, head, and hair. Western culture fashion practices remain liberal, asserting female body image rather than subverting it through coverings or “veiling”.

Twin Siblings, BDSM, and Psychic Arousals

Bondage, Disipline and Sadomasochism (BDSM) might be defined as A dominant and a submissive in master-slave scenarios rooted in theatrical scenes of sex play.Although individuals who practice these types of scenarios are not typically related to each other, nor are they same sex siblings to which the dominant and submissives roles play a part, but when dominant and submissive personalities play into this type of dynamic, sexualized or otherwise, the viewing of such scenes might spark an arousal in the psyche that may trigger a class A sadisitic.

The fact of the matter is simply this. For some, scenes involving BDSM play,and scenes not necessarily geared toward “sex” games per say, are found appealing because of the hightened response they provide to the individual. That is, their language of dominance. When this happens it can result in the dominant turning toward their inner sadism in order to achieve arousal in game play and is accomplished in playing out their own personalized fantasies; sexualized or otherwise. When these theatrical scenes are played out, dominant sadistic personalities typically find gratification in the content language which is aimed at humilitating and degrading their submissive Object(s). Sadly, some parents carry out militant styles of parenting, practicing sadistic methods of discipline, which play into the psychology of the child. These children can grow up to become adults who re-play these scenes for gratification and arousal in social games and/or deviant sexual practices based on projection. Some may re-play scenes based on introjection. Such scenes are witnessed as anorexia, bulimia and self cutting.

Earlier I discussed the practice of “veiling”. That is, the practice of wearing a hijab, a headscarf covering the neck, head, and hair which in many Western cultures is viewed as antithetical to the ideals of autonomy and consent for women. In Western cultures the veil is seen as a visual reminder that a woman must be modest, subordinate, and secluded from mainstream patriarchal society. Coincidentally, excessive body fat can be viewed as a type of veiling in that it prevents a woman from being viewed as a Western cultural Beauty Ideal as well as preventing them from being portrayed as a commodified Sex Object. Thus, in Western cultures excessive body fat becomes “the veil” as it becomes the visual reminder that a woman must be modest, subordinate, and secluded from the mainstream social order where libral behaviors are practiced like a woman’s power to choose, or not to choose a sexual partner.Thus, the electronic targeting of individuals whose purpose is to harnass consciousness, and thus become a dominant’s “submissive“, becomes part of Hegel’s master-slave dialetic. “The master, who at first appears to be “external” to the slave, reemerges as the slave’s own conscience.” (2) Regarding electronic targeting and electronic attacks we could say, “power [is] what presses on the subject from the outside, as what subordinates, sets underneath, and relegates to a lower order. This is surely a fair description of part of what power does.” (2) We could also say that power also forms when groups form associations between individuals with common interests with common goals that direct a political movement toward social power. When these associations form groups that formally gather together together with the purpose of establishing a code of membership and then come to define and enforce the rules and norms common to that group with consenting behaviors; family groups form, memberships based in occupation form as Unions, business networks form, political parties form, secret societies form, and gangs and mafias also form. This is also the form power takes. (3)

I know of no woman who would consconsciously consent to being made fatter and sicker through consenting attacks of electromagnetic stimulation/sedation. Clearly, this type of attack runs parallel to practices of Bondage Disipline and Sadomasochism (BDSM). Thus, we can infer, through analysis, that the targeted electronic attacks of TIs must be some type of attempt towards a master-slave dialectic; through the harnessing of consciousness and behavior. That is, if these attacks can be described and explained with science and not with gaslighting victims into believing they are “hallucinating” or “delusional“.

Women not only have a tendency toward narcissism, they are burden with the problem of being subjugated by power. Historically, women have been marginalized by their male counter-parts. This authoritative power has usually taken the form of white male patriarchy. Since women are very concientious of how they look, and since they are usually subjugated by a power (that is, an authority figure), the use of coercive control in controlling women’s behaviors have routinely been practiced as an avenue in subjugating them. Power that impedes upon her routine of self-care, thereby effecting her self image, could very easily be imagined since its practice has been well documented in abuse case after abuse case. (4) These activities have often been carried out by an abusive male partner in women’s intimate partner relationships. Also known as Intimate Partner Violence (IPV), this is how abusive power can control a woman’s daily activities through direct and indirect manipulations.

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you may have read my previous post “The World’s Most Powerful Societies are Secret Societies”. In this particular post I wrote about the Free Masons and a man by the name of ‘Mr. Winter’ . Mr. Winter preached in 1698 following The Restoration of 1660 that ‘all godly people in the City of London’ must be cautious and circumspect ‘of the Mischiefs and Evils practised in the Sight of God by those called Freed Masons…. For this develish Sect of Men are Meeters in secret which swear against all without their Following. They, according to Mr. Winter, are the Anti Christ which was to come, leading Men from fear of God.’ It was the secrecy of the masons, and their secret oaths, which alarmed Mr. Winter, as it was to alarm all the anti-masons during the next 300 years. What intriqued me the most about Mr. Winter was his claim, “if the Freemasons were a lawful and reputable society, why the secrecy? Men do not hide their virtues and their good deeds; it is their vices and crimes which they wish to conceal. (5) I’d like to ask the same question regarding electronic targeting and the targeted attacks against targeted individual or TIs.

Game Playing and The Psychopath

During the 1970s and 1980s a notorious Alaskan serial killer by the name of Robert Hansen (aka “Butcher Baker”) kidnapped and murdered 17 women and raped as many as 30 others over a 12 year period spanning the 70s and 80s. The murders became a depraved hunting game where he would fly them in his private plane and set them free in the Alaskan wilderness . He then stalked and hunted his victims like prey before shooting them . He then buried his victims’ bodies and marked their graves with an ‘x’ on a map. Prosecutor Frank Rothschild has spoken out in a new documentary ‘The Butcher Baker: The Mind of a Monster’ that aired on Investigation Discovery. Rothschild told Newsweek how he ‘transformed’ from ‘a little nerdy guy’ into ‘the person who had killed all these women’ before his eyes during interrogation. Rothschild said serial killers like ‘game playing’ and want to ‘beat the system’ so he and his colleague Victor Krumm played good cop bad cop. Rothschild said authorities believe Hansen’s hatred of women can be traced back to his younger years when he was made fun of in school. (6)

Why Gender and Sports Don’t Mix

As offensive as the above case might seem, in December 2013 the MMA promotion company Shooto Brazil made an unexpected announcement. It would host the first mixed-gender match up in its history, featuring bantamweight fighters Juliana Velasquez and Emerson Falaco. Reactions to the event were immediate and resoundingly negative. One commentor to the event questioned, “What does MMA as a community establish?” Another sports commentator made an even stronger claim, “Some things are just wrong: salvery; racial prejudice; a man fighting a woman, sanctioned or otherwise.” I can think of hundred of other things that are just wrong too, like murder, rape, and the clandestine electronic targeting and hunting of individuals using magnets and the electromagnetic spectrum (radio waves) via a psychopathic game. (7)

Match-ups are not new in sports, but mixed-gender contact sports always attract criticism. In 1973, Billie JeanKing eviscerated Bobby Riggs in front of more than 30,000 fans at the Houston Astrodome, then the largest crowd ever to assemble to watch a tennis match. King’s victory is often credited with sparking a boom in women’s sports and denoting women’s progress towards equality. In contrast, when professional boxer Margaret McGregor easily beat Loi Chow over four rounds at the Mercer Arena in Seattle, Washington sports writers referred to the event as a “fistic freak show.” The clarity of these statement are precise; a contact sport such as boxing is clearly not a tennis match. Pitching Billie Jean King against a man, Bobby Riggs, was a novelty within the sport of tennis. It did not involve blows to the head or violent intent (5) It is my assertation from personal experience that electronic targeting and electronic attacks to the body, at least for me, have involved blows, not only to the head, but to the private spaces no one should ever be touching implying violent intent.

What is even more interesting was Jill D. Weinberg’s field notes on the behavior of male spectators attending the same female fighters’ boxing match she was attending:

“As the women entered the cage, the crowd of mostly men booed. Fans who normally stood during fights sat down. Some simply left the arena. Those who stayed made remarks. Common were “go home” and “go back in the kitchen.” Others were more sexualized. Men often grabbed their crotch and asked the fighters to perform sex acts on them.” (Field Notes, April 2011)

This made me wonder, “Do the male spectators, watching female fighters, think that because these women show a proclivity towards masculine behaviors such as fight competitions that they themselves might enjoy being raped or even perhaps enjoy rape culture?”

I further pondered why some men resort to BDSM practices (physical violence/assaults/sexual assaults), portraying themselves as the “dominant” and the woman as the “submissive” and “weaker” sex. Why would a man, or woman for that matter, choose physical assault or sexual assault over compassionate content (ie: language)? Could it be that their physical prowess is the only aspect that would allow them to successfully “win” a competition? It turns out, that men who choose physical assault/sexual assault have been made to feel the same way they wish their submissives to feel; humiliated and degraded. It’s known in psychology as the Achilles Complex. It is a language that has been demonstrated for them by another male (or a female) and a language they mirror in an approach that allowes them to feel powerful. (8)

For women, I believe the same psychological mechanisms that are at play for men are also at play for women. When female masculinities are triggered, a woman may feel insecure or inferior for whatever the reason may be and then seek to control the situation by demonstrating her prowess. Like BDSM, it is part of a theatrical scenario being played out from the past. These individuals do not wish to be humilated, and they do not wish to be perceived as “weak” “a littel girl” “dumb” “childish or inferior.

Because the world we live in is filled with relational Objects, woman who possess proclivities towards masculinities may be unable to “win” in competition with another woman on other levels such as an intellectual level, or a relationship level, or a financial level, or a personal level which involves physical attributes such as being thin, in good shape, beautiful, young, and/or vivacious. So they may find themselves experiencing feelings of inferiority, even perhaps feeling humilated. They may find themselves having violent fantasies carrying out acts of violence towards their relational Object. They then may finally resort towards these fantasies of physical violence and/or passive-aggressive violence to demonstrate their prowess on a theatrical stage set for them to win the “competition.” I believe this is what the electronic targeting of individuals seeks to accomplish.

What is it about females exchanging physical blows with a man that strikes a chord in a way that a single-gender event does not? The source of the discomfort instead comes from the fact that an activity that endorses a man’s use of force against a woman evokes dominant discourses and imagery of violence against women. And even though these women have freely chosen or consented to participate, consent seems irrelevant. (7)


The spectator sport of watching acts of physical violence is something that has been with us since the early Roman era of glatorial fights. Perhaps even earlier in our history, although I lack historical archealogical evidence at the moment. The spectator sport of watching acts of physcial violence distilled, passed down to public audiences, became the act of witnessing men being put to death; hanged, disemboweled, and electrocuted. Although this is no longer open to public audiences today.

One of the last raging wars in the War of the Roses was the Battle of Bosworth Field on August 22, 1485 which marked the end of the War of the Roses and the Middle Ages. King Richard III was killed. Richard’s body was said to have been paraded around town on the back of a horse for all to see. When Richard’s body was discovered over 530 hundred years later, buried underneath the alter of the former remains of an old church in Leicester, England on Feb. 4 2013, scientists performed a forensic analysis on the remains. They reconstructed his wounds and even reconstructing his facial image. It turned out it was a bloody vicisous killing at which King Richard III was at a disadvantage since Richard had scoliosis and osteoarthritis and walked with a cane. The findings also outlined in the study reported the king sustained a total of 11 wounds at or near the time of his death at Bosworth Field in 1485. Nine of the injuries were inflicted to the skull, one which was believed to be the final lethal blow. One of the other two wounds done to the body was done to his pelvis. It was believed to have been done after death. Richard literally had sword shoved into his backside, that is, into his posterior region. (9)(10)(11)

We thus can make connections between how violence was formerly utilized and the new shifting methods of violence and concealment like the use of electronic weapons to systematically assault while laying carefully concealed from eyewitnesses. These technologies harnesses geo-magnetic poles and electromagnetic spectrum via radio frequency (RF).

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