How Will Modern Day Advances in Technology Adversely Effect Our Lifestyles as Robotics Meet Android Systems?

NGM’S cover-issue Sept. 2020

In this month’s issue of National Geographic Magazine the featured article discusses the revolution in robotics as machines take over more of the duties long performed by humans. (1) As we become insatiable consumers of advances in technology we may be blindly allowing the violations by those in power over those with no power. The new age revolution isn’t fought with rifles anymore, it’s fought with electronics. I wasn’t even one minute into my read of this article before I came across the awareness of how robotics and artificial intelligence (AI) has intersected and crossed over into the proclivities of human sexual behavior. Thus, the new age of sexual deviance.

“Will smart machines make our lives better?”

Man has long sought the company of women. Prostitution has been with us since biblical times. The female escort is nothing new and it never will be. However, in today’s world, technology and sex have emerged in a new form. Where once we had sex phone numbers men could call to achieve sexual arousal, we now have a downloadable application called the Harmony app so men can talk directly to an Android sex worker via your smartphone using an AI platform. That’s right, interfacing with a computerized text-to-speech and speech-to-text android platform for sexual arousal. For a small monthly fee of $20.00 – $25.00, you simply download the app to your Android phone. You are then granted access to create a fully customized virtual female companion. (2) Sort of like Siri but with a sex drive to excite you in places you’ve never imagined.

Silicone and metal doll heads rest on hooks at Abyss Creations

Abyss Creations located in San Marcos, California has manufactures hyper-realistic silicone sex dolls for more than 20 years. It’s newest push involves bringing animatronics, sensor technology and artificial intelligence (AI) together so as to give these dolls programmable personalities. Let’s think about that for a moment. In order to fully operate your Android smartphone you need to keep your Google Play Services updated. Google Play Services, coincidentally shortens to GPS, grants permission to Android systems. You can’t operate your Android phone and utilize it to its maximum capacity without logging your device into an Android platform! Google Play Services also grants permission to Body Sensors, Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Microphone, Phone, SMS, and Storage. This is how the government can conduct surveillance over your smartphone, and for those receiving government subsidies cellular free service your privacy maybe more at risk than you think. But it is also important to note that you can unsuspectedly download a surveillance program to your phone via a rogue app. But back to the Android doll.

Are Sexbots here to stay?

Known as “RealDolls” these sex toys begin at $4,000 and the robotic talking head cost $10,000. You can purchase a silicone and metal frame body but if you want a talking head to go on to your “RealDoll” you will have to pay an additional $10,000 which brings the cost to around $14,000 for one fully loaded animatronic sex doll. And here in lies the difference between rich boys and poor boys. Rich boys purchase a fully loaded $14,000 talking sex doll and poor boys download the app.

Has anybody read the book or have seen the movie “Cloud Atlas”? Somni-451 may have just arrived. What will be our truth be behind the concept of “Exultation”? In the movie Exultation was a lie told to oblivious androids about ascendance in to a “better lifestyle.”

Back to “RealDolls” meet Android systems. Now, here is where it gets interesting. If your Android smartphone can interface with Abyss Creations Android computer platform via a downloadable application making it possible to “access” your “RealDoll” over your Android phone so as to make it possible for you to communicate to her, then the possibility exists for a consumer of one of these “RealDolls” to interface with her over his/her Android phone using an application. Likewise, the possibility also exists for similar implants to be placed into biological human tissue so as to access someone via Android platforms. The purpose and scope of this rogue Dark Side to human affairs would be to take control of the target person. If you gain access to him/her, you can get them to do all sorts of things you want them to do like becoming a human drone and taking control over the person’s body. Remember the Manchurian Candidate?

Brainstim head gear

In other news, a story that comes straight out of Total Recall, the Pentagon had started testing the application of running low level electrical currents through soldier’s brains as a replacement for coffee and energy drinks in 2014.

The currents which are targeted to specific areas of the brain, show great potential, although testing had been limited in 2014.

Bryan Bender, reporting for the Boston Globe, states: “Early experiments using “noninvasive” brain stimulation have been performed on several dozen volunteers at the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. The results show the technique improves both alertness and acuity, researchers say.” (3)(8)

Those given electrical stimulation reported feeling refreshed at the end of the testing, despite obvious sleep deprivation. Overall, volunteers hooked up to the electrodes performed twice as well as those given nothing.

Surprisingly, volunteers who had been given caffeine performed the worst of all three groups. By the time the 30 hours had passed, the group had “tanked.”

As the U.S. military has become increasingly reliant on drone technology, finding ways to keep pilots alert has become an increasingly pressing matter. Soldiers now can spends hours scanning through uneventful data during a drone flight, leading to a very real possibility of critical slips in vigilance.

Bender notes that “monitoring intense streams of data can quickly become so repetitive — especially when there is no action — that attentiveness and recognition can deteriorate in as little as 20 minutes.”

Researchers acknowledge that there has been no real testing done to see the potential long-term effects of using electrical stimulation every day.

With advances like this, it may not be too far in the future that consumer electric shocks become the next big thing. After all, it’s not the first time people have turned to zapping themselves [and others].

Inspire, an implantable device that sends mild electrical impulses to an implant that stimulates the back of the throat to help relax the tongue so people can achieve a fuller night’s rest. But whose pushing the button?

Innovations in sensors implanted inside the body include the latest in sleep apnea treatment. Inspire is a new technology that is implanted inside the body to help with sleep apnea disorder. (4)(5) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2019 approved the use of the first implantable continuous glucose blood monitor for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. (6) Some continuous glucose blood monitors can interfaces with your Android smartphone to get blood sugar results and can also transmit your monthly blood sugar log to your primary care physician.

So, where are all these new technological innovations going to take us? All of these intersecting realms of human activity combining with Android systems? And what’s more, what’s the Dark Side? Because inevitably they’re is always a Dark Side.

Movie clip from the movie Cloud Atlas featuring “Fabricants” (SOMNI-451)

I’d like to leave you with some thoughts from some engineers in the medical field regarding transcranial direct stimulation. In an article entitled “The Unfinished Science Behind the New Wave of Electrical Brain Stimulation” published by Wired said:

“A stronger dose of caution came from Vincent Walsh, a cognitive neuroscientist at University College London. Walsh did something I’d never seen in 12 years of attending scientific conferences as a journalist: He started his talk by pointing out the flaws in a study from his own lab, a 2010 study that suggested tDCS (transcranial direct-current stimulation) could improve mathematical learning. Walsh argued that other research studies have suffered from similar problems, ranging from inadequate control experiments, to guesswork about which parts of the brain were being excited and inhibited, to unanswered questions about whether the modest effects reported in most lab studies have any real-world relevance.”… Marom Bikson a biomedical engineer at the City College of New York said the field needs to mature and move toward bigger, more carefully controlled studies.”

Note: The views contained in this post represent the opinion of the blog’s administrator. The opinions and views stated here are concerned with unethical biomedical engineering, research studies that use and promote electrical stimulation to the body and brain. Questionable, unethical studies that aren’t controlled and serve no real practical application except to torture the patient because data isn’t accurately evaluated nor peer reviewed.

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