Deviant Desires: The Fetish Fantasy of Body Inflation and Expansion

Art Sculpting “Cumulus” by Mariam Lenk

Art Sculpting “Cumulus” By Mariam Lenk

Think of the Eddie Murphy remake of The Nutty Professor – where the scientist explodes out of his clothing when the effects of his “slimming potion” wear off – and you get the picture.

Body inflation is actually a catch-all category of fantasies covering a range of subgroups devoted to specific body parts: bellies, boobs, butts, hips, etc. The most popular sub-genre is breast expansion, and enthusiast of this scenario call themselves “BE” fans. The typical BE fantasy might feature a woman tied up to an air compressor that inflates her breasts to impossible proportions – the pneumatic chest bought to a whole new level. The “B2E” category covers folks who like a combination of breast and belly expansion or breast and butt expansion. They might imagine a gypsy cursing a women so that the more sexually aroused she gets the bigger belly grows, or they might fantasize that some mysterious

potion transforms a woman into an immense Venus of Willendorf fertility figure. Body

Venus of Willendorf (24000 BCE)

inflation also covers rubber fetishists who like to inflate their clothing like balloons. Another small but rapidly growing crowd enjoy penis expansion fantasies – as you might expect, these mostly attract gay men and straight women. I found one vagina enlargement fantasy, apparently written by a female. Obviously, all of these scenarios have the same magical growth appeal as a looner, men and women with balloon fetishes who find erotic arousal in blowing up a balloon, except here the body part is literal rather than metaphorical. There are also other body parts that are not generally the focus of sexual fantasies that become the erotic focus of inflation like noses, that is, nose growth fantasies. One guy devoted an entire web page to female nose growth fantasies – sort of the female version of Pinocchio.

You might assume that breast expansion fans are aroused by women with breast implants, but that’s just not the case. What gets these people off are seeing the transformation happen in front of there very eyes. If you think about the jaw dropping disbelief when a famous actress re-appears in the public significantly larger than she was before then you might be able to imagine, at a glimpse, the sensational wonder of body inflation fantasies. Immediately I think of Kristy Alley and other stars who re-appeared in the lime light as plus size woman. However, unlike the elements of erotic asphyxiation found in Big Beautiful Women squashing men, these fetishes seem to be tied to the erotic arousal surrounding the motion of movement, specifically the motion of expansion. The narrative drama is the change into something unexpected or uncanny that evokes suspense or disbelief in a state of childlike wonder. Not only are medical procedures a turn off – the messy meat reality of surgery is a definite no-no, they generally just don’t go far enough, fast enough. Thus, the transformation of a female into an inflatable love doll evokes erotic arousal and body inflation scenarios often incorporate notions of bondage, Dominance & Submission. Some plots are about control and forcible inflation, where a woman is tied to a pump and transformed against her will. The fantasy of a dominatrix using magic or science to transform a slave into a living blow-up sex doll. “Not only would she be immobile, but her fun parts would be larger and more sensitive!” The thrill is in imagining how helpless the woman feels at this strange thing happening to her body. Some stories incorporate fantasies of vengeance, with hackneyed plots about nerdy guys inventing secret spy formulas to get back at their ex-girlfriends. On the hand, very few body inflation fans enjoy the idea that the expanding body renders the woman more powerful and potent.

Sexual fantasies realized exclusively through make-believe and cinematic special effects that is both quaintly childish and totally contemporary. For body inflation fans, the apex of pornography could be a Disney kid’s movie or a Hollywood screwball comedy – as long as it features people with body parts that suddenly inflate to monstrous size. One such kid’s movie is Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). The scene where the spoiled little girl grabs the gum and starts to chew. Easily the most famous inflatable fantasy scene ever committed to film! Look for the hose by her ankle – the tank is strategically hidden behind a crowd of onlookers.

Ancient Symbols of Fertility and Harvest

Female stone carvings of women with exaggerated sexual features are connected to several different archaeological discoveries of the Western world, one of them is Catalhoyuk (squiqqly C character, two dots over the O character, and two dots over the U character is how its properly written) it is the largest Neolithic settlement, and the world’s oldest settled city. The site is located in southern Anatolia in present day Turkey. The site dates back to 7500 BCE.

Although no remains of temples have been found, artifacts suggest that the religion of

Catalhoyuk Mother Goddess
Mother Goddess 7500 BCE

Catalhoyuk was rich in symbols. Distinctive baked clay figurines, long thought to represent the Mother Goddess, (similar to the Venus of Willendorf fertility) occupied wall niches and were placed in grain-storage bins, probably as a means of ritualistic protection from misfortune and insurance policy to protection of the harvest. These symbols seem to represent the complex mysteries surrounding birth (life, fertility, and harvest) and Death (loss of live, infertility, and feminine). They may have also been part of a fertility fetish or fertility rites in which a religious ceremony or other action is enacted when a woman becomes of age to conceive.

The Venus of Willendorf is much older than the seated woman statue found at Catalhoyuk. It was found in lower Austria, in the city of Willendorf, and dates back to the European Upper Paleolithic, or “Old Stone Age” at about of prehistory starting around 30,000 BCE. The statue is believed to have been carved between 24,000 – 22,000 BCE. In 2009 a reexamination of the stratigraphy at the site estimates the age of the archaeological layer in which the figure was found in situ at about 30,000 years before our time.

Many criticize and reject the the widely held view that these types of statues, women depicted with exaggerated sexual body parts represented an early fertility fetish, perhaps of motherhood or to a Mother Goddess, and cite the ironic identification of these figurines as ‘Venus figurines’ or ‘Mother Goddess’ as pleasantly satisfying certain assumptions about primitive tastes. I believe the myth that would be believed is that only civilized human are now capable of contency, temperance, and discipline.

In our time, these symbols often hold stereotypes about assumed behaviors, primitive unchecked appetites and deviant tastes and pleasures. Mainstream opinion about fat women can often involve feelings of repudiation and disgust. Often these symbols or images are used in scenarios aimed at humiliation which have become more a part of modern sexual fetishes like Big Beautiful Women Squashing, Fat Admires and Feeders, fantasies involving exaggerated body expansion and inflation using air compressors and rubber suits, and Dominance & Submissive sex play most often seen in bondage, discipline, sadism, masochism or BDSM.

Fat Admirers (FA) feel that fat women are the pinnacle of adult femininity, and see the general trend to sexualized young, anorexic fashion models as a form of latent pederasty. This would hold true since we live in a time era where many anorexic fashion models walked the runaway, and the industry is dominated by homosexual designers probably in possession of a Pygmalion complex. Theories on matricide and psychoanalytic theories on personality disorders and gender identity disorders such as homosexuality. There are also other disorders that explain the silencing of the female pregnant fertile body (aka: the Venus’ of archaeology) anorexia, abortion and birth control, hysterectomy, tubal ligation, and cosmetic plastic surgery. It is important to recognize balance and the importance between a healthy weight and non-healthy weight whether it be extremes of fat or extremes of starvation. It is also important to recognize that ancient civilizations did not have modern day medicine and healthcare practices or ritualized enactments of cutting into the flesh.

It is my opinion that the Venus of Willendorf figurine, because of its size, was probably some type of protection amulet. A symbol of fertility and fruitful bearings in one vein, and a protection amulet in another vein against infertility, loss, and death. Yet in another vein, a symbol of age and wisdom. The very symbols that brings forth life should ward off death and the very symbols of wisdom and fortitude should ward off ignorance and snap judgement.

Source Reference:

(1) Gates, Katherine. Deviant Desires: Incredibly strange sex. New York. Juno Books. (2000). pp. 95-105.

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