Abner Louima; 20 Years Later


Psychological fact. In terms of police brutality, beatings are used in a response to anger elicited from a subject and brute physical force is sought as a means of exerting dominance and control over a situation. Where as shootings, on the other hand, are primarily carried out in response to fear in the line of police work.

Abner Louima is a Haitian who was assaulted, brutalized, and forcibly sodomized with a broken-off broom handle by officers of the New York Police Department after he was arrested outside a Brooklyn nightclub in 1997.

Abner Louima – A Case of Police Brutality 20 Years Later

“Every community has a right to demand of all its agents, an account of their conduct.”

“Men are born, and always continue, free, and equal in respect of their rights. Civil distinctions, therefore, can be founded only on public utility.”

“The law ought to impose no other penalties but such as are absolutely and evidently necessary: and no one ought to be punished, but in virtue of a law promulgated before the offense, and legally applied.” ~Thomas Paine


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