Undesirables: Not Today’s One-Word Prompt

Galatians1 Quote

Discarded.   Tossed aside.   Invisible.   Uninvited. Refuse.   Repudiated.   Outcast. Despicable.   Destitute.  Powerless.   Hated.   Rejected.

The identity of the paranoid schizoid seeks out to reduce and diminish another person’s otherness. During World War II, Hitler projected onto the Jewish population the very qualities that he embodied. The Third Reich in all its derangements projected onto a population of innocent people a reflection of what the perpetrators embodied; the despicable atrocity known as Nazi identity.

The Nazi interlude took the lives of many innocent victims and turned them into destitute, despised, and powerless people. This symbolic of poverty was a reflection of the darkness and impoverished souls who orchestrated the entire event. At the navel or blind spot to this Anger, Envy, Hate, and Loss lies the assimilated brutality of an unresolved symbolic wound from a former time period, and with it all of its savage cruelty. The Aryan Brotherhood. Crips and the Bloods. Organized crime syndicates known as “The Mob.” Some of the cronyism of political affiliations and connections. Collective narcissism and the inflated self-love of his or her own ingroup. This mentality can manifest itself as the monster of infantile narcissism in the paranoid schizoid position. The symbolic of retaliation and revenge is the reflection of a narcissistic wound that can be found in adult object relations theory. If you take for example the cheating husband and the wife who, out of anger, envy, hate, and loss, sets her husbands BMW on fire, one could hardly blame her for doing so. We can sympathize with her pain and perhaps even justify it if she happened to be 6 months pregnant as well, but retaliatory anger does little good and diminishes the person performing the retaliatory act as much as it seeks to diminish the target. Inclusiveness that seeks to repair and facilitate growth and production of the whole.

“In Dante’s Purgatorio, the color that symbolized the sin of Envy was “livid” or dark blue, the color of a bruise. The covetous psychopath is one of the most common forms of personality disorder found in a capitalist society.”

In regard to the white supremacy of the Nazi interlude, and for all mental illness in general, if we cannot sympathize with these deranged killers, then a part of us will always remain just like them. For it is not enough to merely feel pity for the sick, as pity can sometimes display a type of condescending attitude. Rather, empathy displays a type of participation in the emotions of another, or to the ability to imagine oneself in someone else’s predicament, and those who truly care take action by facilitating and furthering corrective action. Schindler’s List, for example.. These people embody the opposite qualities of psychopathy; Friendship, Charity, Love, Preservation, and Restoration. These are qualities of leadership and qualities that are fostered in spiritual pursuit of higher transcendence of the human condition. This is the Courage of leadership.


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