On The Prohibition Of Speech

Painting of World War I Soldiers After Combat

Why would someone want to, through the use of electro-magnetic frequency, impede freedom of thought and freedom of speech . . . .

“One of the most effective tools for cooperation was, and remains, speech. What form of early human was the first to attempt speech as we know it today – words and sentences expressing thoughts about the past and the future as well as communication about the present – we do not know. Our primate ancestors, of course, were capable of communicating with each other, as primates are today, with vocalizations, grunts, and wordless shouts meaning “Get out of my way,” or “Here comes something!” And until very recently it was believed that these creatures were unable to develop speech because of their limited brain power. More recently it has been suggested that a more likely explanation is their lack of the proper physical arrangements in the throat, mainly the tongue and the pharynx, to make the sounds necessary for speech.” ~Ashley Montagu, The Nature of Human Aggression


It’s important to note that communication based in grunts, motions, and facial grimaces, are limiting in light of the full spectrum of deep intellectual thought.


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