Homo-Erotic Narcissism & The Love- Hate Polarity – Reworking an understanding of a concept

Above featured photo image: a surrealistic representation of “The Illusion of Good versus Evil”.

Reworking my own understanding of the early homoerotic love of the maternal symbiosis of the mother-self relationship. What I originally felt could be construed in the psychic relationship of mother-self (homoerotic) was a form of infanticide, if and when it reached a pejorative state of fantasized wish of killing ‘other.’ But like Amber Jacobs has postulated in “On Matricide” this constellation can take many trajectories in the life of an individual not just because each individual life’s events are so dynamic and diverse, but because, too, each individuals own self constitutions are based in nature by 51% by their possessed DNA. So,

Homosexual Love = objectified love of self (the origins of a person’s narcissism in the homoerotic love of the mother-self relation. I see myself as mother. I love mother, with diffirentiation to father. I am not like father).

Homophobic (fear of other) = unconscious or conscious fear of the mother-self. Hatred of the early mother-self relationship. Fear of this early homoerotic relationship may suggest a form of repudiation of the mothering style of the original female care giver. Thus, sexual diffirentiation occurs, this suggests that a type of “splitting” in which the mother-self is connected to.

Heterosexual Love = the love of the opposite sexed parent, means the oedipal period was experienced and thus left the child in a “stranded state of mourning” for the opposite parent. This “stranded state of mourning” is what allows for future sexual relations. Child wants the opposite sexed parent, but can never have them. This becomes resolved once the infant realizes the many other “love objects” he or she will have to chose from. Thus, the child eventually is able to have “father/mother” in late adolescent or early adulthood in the form of a normal love relationship.

Bixsexual Love = the love of both sexed parents, means the oedipal period was experienced and the retention of both organs achieved. Bisexuals express feelings of wanting both a vagina and penis. Considered to be one of the most balanced states of psychic development. This state can be retained in the “normal” sexual development of the heterosexual. It may manifest itself in dream content as repressed feelings of homosexuality. These dreams may frighten and even terrify to the heterosexual individual.

Regarding blocked mourning. Comparing the oedipal phase of blocked mourning, the state achieved once the child realizes he/she will never be able to possess the opposite parent, in comparison to the use of electro-magnetic frequency waves, which in my opinion is a form of torture, creates a blocked mourning state because it prevents the psychic experience of processing stimuli. Thus, it mimics the exact state of dependency in addiction. This technology is really a way of tying a person down, pinning them under the veiled force so they become a “stranded object.”

Can we look to cases of pre-literate tribes or compare pre-literate tribes to some modern case studies with regard to the manifestation of bi-sexuality? We may look at pre-literate tribes’ experiences as malfunctional or dysfunctional. However, these experience can allow for a certain type of develop and maturity in ways that may not be adverse or retarded to a society. There are no perfect or “Ideal” families. We only see these notions as wrong or bad because we live in a society that tells us they are bad. A society that has constructed its edifice notion of “civilized” on the foundation of an animal intellect and animal intent. A society that has imposed on us “its” will and a conscience that will never be purely achieved. Once we realize that our conscience is really a misnomer, that housed in the very facilities of the human being, are drives; thirst, hunger, sex, defecation, and once we realize that, homosexuality, bisexuality, sexual molestation, and even incest occur in the animal kingdom alongside; thirst, hunger, sex, and defecation, we become aware that we are no different than the others in the kingdom in which we find ourselves placed; Animalia. What we might come to realize is that, in fact, we may be at a greater disadvantage then the other animals in which we live alongside, because no other animal species wages inter-species war among itself.

The very structure of civilization seeks to set-up this notion of an “Ideal.” Searching for this “Ideal” has created many disorders in the human psyche. It is, after all, the “Ideal” mother of our early homoerotic stages we are looking for when we look to the pornographic filled images of a magazine or internet. Or the “Ideal” male imago when we obsessively strive for the perfect, well-trimmed psyche, in well-dressed fashion of masculinity. These images of “Ideal” masculinity and femininity, “Ideals” that are too hard for most people to maintain, drive us to push ourselves to the edge of perfection. These images can never be maintained throughout our life time. Over time it is always subject to loss, and re-acquisition. Aging and disease are two facts we must constantly defend against. So the human psyche finds itself in a constant dynamic phase for re-compensation and balance with impending threats and losses. It is just a matter of question, how we decide to defend ourselves against these losses or threats we find ourselves up against. Some of these defenses are dysfunctional as when a woman seeks to starve her self to emaciation to try an achieve an idealized goal. Other’s will passive-aggressively intentionally start problems in the lives of others because of a unconscious fear from early childhood, perhaps the deep seated fear of the omnipotent mother. How is the human psyche to achieve a balance in defense of these oscillating forces, these forces of love and hatred?

Religious study and the cultivation of our spirituality is a good place to start in trying to maintain balance. However, destroying a person’s belief in their God or tearing down their system of faith and belief, is as heinous as the evil that invaded Germany during the 1930s and 1940s. Faith in a religion and God is how disenfranchised individuals find balance. It is how they find moral, ethic, and psychic understanding. The philosophy found in Christianity is a form of psychology. Its roots can be found in the psychoanalytic transference and counter-transference of the therapeutic situation. To destroy this element in a person’s life, is to destroy their resilience and long-term well being. Just like Hitler did to the Jewish population. Who’s going to save you now, now that God has abandoned you and the Devil has you in his grips? As the German and Jewish populations watched in horror, as their loved were systematically annihilated by a gross perversion of nature in an act of Inter-species war, so to did they watch the ties of faith, love, and hope int their God disperse in the vapored trailed smoke of the crematoriums of Auschwitz.

It is still my opinion that forms of manipulation and exploitation, that prove to be self serving, are maladaptive and dysfunctional.

This doesn’t mean we should stop striving for an “Ideal.” To say that would be to imply everyone should cast their flowers to the wind and give up hope. Instead, we should continue to strive for the behaviors found in the “ideal citizen,” because, after all, we are subjects of nation, a country, a family, a faith, and as such, this imposes certain responsibilities on us as subjects. Rather, having astutely recognized and come to reach the capacity of conscience awareness when our actions unjustly impose themselves on another, or even ourselves, and to which these actions seek to threaten or harm, is the challenge placed before us. Civilization with all its laws was created to protect ourselves from ourselves, although, in my opinion, it only has scarcely created a twinkle of difference. Why? Because many, many leaders have not been endowed with the truest virtue of love for other, rather seeking to manipulate and exploit in self serving maladaptive fashion.  However, “the concept of mutual recognition should include the notion of breakdown, of failure to sustain the tension, as well as account for the possibility of repair after failure….” hence the philosophical doctrine for redress of grievances.



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