A Culture That Lacks Culture or Deep Seated Paranoia? You Decide.


“A good warrior keeps his wealth very well hidden.” ~The Art of War

A phrase that can be simply stated as, “A culture that lacks culture.” The deep seated issues of American politics and a paranoia that can’t seem to lift us up out of our fog for hatred for ’other,’ seems to me to be just another form of terrorism. But, there also seems to be an equivalent amount of hatred of ‘other’ coming from the American public in their own object relations. (Theories in Object Relations  – please see my previous post). To demonstrate, who was making champagne Popsicle on the 4th of July? Not middle class America. But Ivanka Trump was. Nothing screams disenfranchised like Champagne Popsicles vs. Budweiser. (I think it should be volleyball competition. Really!) So too, let us not forget our founding forefathers’ rule against long-standing consecutive presidential wins for the democratic party. Historically, we will never see democratic presidents stand for too long in the white house. And that is exactly what happened, the Electoral College voted.  Its seems that sifting through the ashes and fragmented relics from our constitutional past, (emotional past) one that was based in slavery is just status-quo American politics? To read more please click on the link below.

Race To The Bottom


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