Emblematic Torment; A Photo Series

So why WAR?

The various photographs depict forms of symbolism that emerge out of the tormented human mind, those symbols and structures that are typically found on the fringes of a society. They are either self-inflicted or inflicted by another and are typically the ones that defy conventional human behavior. The above featured image depicts the human testing of football helmets during the early 20th century.

Mass War Grave from the Holocaust


Cutting Images3
Image of “Cutting” Scars




Anorexia Victim
British Class System
“Inequality.” Photo of school age children, early 20th century.
Armenian Holocaust
The Armenian Holocaust. Could it be food the man in black is holding?
Hiroshima Victim
Victim of Hiroshima

Voluntary Castration; Eunuchs

Excessive Plastic Surgery - jocelyn_wildenstein
Excessive Plastic Surgery
Spontaneous Human Combustion
Spontaneous Self-Combustion cases actually turned out to be pre-meditated forms of murder.
Troubled Person
Morbid Obesity
Excessive Body Fat or Morbid Obesity

Believe it or not the human animal is not the only animal that suffers from abuse. House pets like; dogs, birds, and cats, even rats will self-masticate and/or pull out their fur or feathers from stress due to inadequate care giving.

Stressed-Out Parrot
The 19-year-old parrot, called Hobby, smelled of stale cigarettes and rotting garbage when she arrived at a Parrot Sanctuary.


Tattoo Addict
Excessive Body Art. Tattoo Addict.


Woman as Object
The Subjugation of Women in Fashion; Conforming To A Standard

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