The Surrogacy of Hitler’s Mourning & A Friend’s Case Analysis

“And you will be objects of hatred by all the people on account of my name; but he that has endured to the end is the one that will be saved.” ~The Book of Matthew; Chapter 10:22

By Karen Barna

Some of the German people chose to create films and documentaries marking the Third Reich era and the rise of Adolph Hitler. In later years, psychoanalysts would discover that these acts were a way of staving off the melancholia of having to mourn the loss of an idealized father figure because that would mean the collapse of their ego-ideal. In a form of surrogacy, what actually took shape in lives of many German families was a focus on the family to draw attention away from the loss to a “emblematic” symbol and towards an “idolized figure” that would replace Hitler (the family), but one which would seem void of any real emotion because these families never mourned the death of those Jewish who died needlessly. Instead they focused on the “perfect ideal family” image.

We can see glimpses of this in men who choose what some people like to call “arm candy,” beautiful women with slender bodies, who reinforce the male’s ego-ideal, minus the mass slaughter of genocide. This is what Hitler did for the German people, the reinforcing of an ego-ideal. Still. The man who selects “arm candy” may represent a type of ego mentality or even a personality type, but it certainly does not rise to the level of serial murder or mass criminal activity. Perhaps the unethical, but still legal, if he is able to maintain his behavior within the limits of the law.

I like to reiterate and comment what was said of Hamlet. Hamlet should be the negative patron saint for people suffering the cultural transmission of such a massive ego mentality. Hitler was diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder with, I would venture to say, a high level of sadism. He was a serial killer. Additionally, what we witness in the offspring of the descendants following the fall of Hitler is an obsessive-compulsion with the parents or “father figure” of this Hitler type . When the offspring to these antecedents finally decided to work through their psychic pain, the working through took the shape of biographical works (literary writings) pertaining to this absent “father.” It is also said that these individuals suffering from the psychic aftermath of this form of political tyranny in the face of a tremendous amount of adversity, inherited “Hamlet’s saturnine” disposition and this disposition was a clear indication of a form of blocked mourning. The corrupt familial and political constellation in which Hamlet finds himself offers little opportunity to pass beyond the mere “trappings and . . . . Suits of woe”; in this world of “maimed rites” Hamlet indeed seems destined to remain captive to an elegiac loop, always hovering between murder and suicide. With that said, I’d like to make a comparison to Scarlet and these forms of psychic structure.

Scarlet was lucky enough to be blessed with a creative mind, and as such, she has always found writing, dance, music, and the visual arts as form of cathartic expression. She’s written poetry and a stage play, and even created surrealistic visual art. She never hovered between murder and suicide as an elegiac loop. If this state ever seemed to exist in Scarlet’s psychic constellation, it was induced by the pain and suffering of electro-magnetic frequency wave torture. To continue with a friend’s case evaluation and analysis.

Surrogacy. Replacing a narcissistic wound with an activity, like the German’s did with “family.” Compared to Scarlet’s hysteria. Replacing a narcissistic wound which was  the reflection of tonality at her nephew’s, Kevin’s*, bedside vigil. The tonality went like this; “You’re not wanted here,” “You don’t have to come.” This re-activated the second stage narcissistic wounding voice of her mother, “You weren’t wanted, I wish I had an abortion.” Complete and total rejection. In an attempt not to have to deal with the pain and anger of parental rejection, Scarlet’s libidinal energy was refocused on physical activity “the workout” and “yard work,” and other forms of physical activity. She literally cut her grass so much until it had visible bald spots from over cutting. All these feelings stemming from “not feeling good enough” much like the German people felt following the world’s rejection after World War I. Down and out.  This ultimately culminated in the rise of an absolute abusive “parental father figure” (Hitler) who assuaged the narcissistic wound with the perfect ego-ideal of competency, and “good enough acceptance.” For Scarlet this took the form of “good enough acceptance” through body shape.

Scarlet’s Psychoanalysis:

Scarlet suffered from sexual molestation at an early age, approximately at the age of 7 and there are what could be considered implicit memories of an even early form of molestation and incest, as early as the age of 3. Scarlet’s libidinal energy seemed to be locked-up in an unresolved Oedipal complex in which she found herself in various promiscuous sexual encounters, never really committing to anyone. Some may have considered her exploits  a form of prostitution. Suffering the demeaning phrase, “You whore.” 

Mourning the loss of a parent(s). Mourning parent(s) because they, although may not be technically dead, are dead to you emotionally because they were unable to attend to your needs adequately because of their own abnormal psychic structures which prevent(ed) them from mourning or perhaps it was a  narcissistic wound (whether it be infantile or otherwise) their trauma remained un-worked through. In addition, an unsubs’ need to murder an ego-ideal that does not coincide with or clashes with his/her own reflection; the slim build and average to normal body weight which Scarlet was able to achieve, because the fall-out of  Scarlet’s psychic aftermath was a thinner, healthier Scarlet. The narcissistic wound inflicted on an infantile narcissist’s mind, created an overpowering need to annihilate ‘other.’ Namely, Scarlet through the use of electro-magentic frequency signals.

The tearing down of Scarlet with the use of systematic electro-magnetic torture to make her something less visually desirable because they themselves didn’t possess it (whatever it may have been), beckons “covetous psychopath!” We have to consider the elements of jealousy and envy in the use of this cruel and unusual form of punishment as a form of retributive attack. It echoes the narcissistic personality disorder of a Hitler who sought to “emblematically torture” and diminish the Jewish population.

People such as Hitler, you have to mourn as dead, even if they are still living. If they are still living they are likely to be emotionally absence to you due to their absence of conscience. Believe it or not, the absence of conscience is a horrific pain to endure. Society is punitive to people such as these.  Severance from, which also means a complete severance in cohabitation and a re-establishing of your own identity because “I” am not “him/her.” That is of course, if the unsubs’ identity (people that the Hitler psychopath has been working with) can be determined. Recognizing who and what you are dealing with, and how that is not really your ‘shit’ but their unresolved, un-worked through psychic trauma. You may have your own trauma to work through and, although those traumas may pertain in parts to some close to you, they don’t have to reflect on you as a living, breathing, independent individual. You can change the outcome.

It is a horrible day in human history when a conscienceless bastard takes control of a country. It’s just as horrible in the human case of events when a loved one or parental figure assumes the reins over an unsuspecting child.

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.” ~Matthew 5:4

*Kevin was Scarlet’s nephew and the first positive parenting experience she encountered. She had this experience when he was an infant of a few months old and she was and adolescent of between 13-15 years old. This experience awakened the mother in her. Kevin upon turning the tender age of 19 was tragically killed in an automobile accident.

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