3 Easy Ways To Spot Genuine & Fake Smiles

A Genuine Smile

We all have had to deal with people we don’t particularly care for from time to time. Being able to handle people we aren’t particularly all that enthused about is how we can make social progress and improve social relations. But let me be clear about the meaning behind this post. I’m not talking about dealing with psychopaths who are seriously out for your worst interest. These are people we want to walk away from and freely chose not to interact among. These types of people you should not smile at, or engage with in anyway. Avoiding all contact, even a social gaze, is how we can eliminate rather than encourage social communication and interaction with an individual who WILL harm us. We these people WE MUST UNSIMLING AND TO THE POINT. However, there are times we have to interact with people who we may not particularly care for out of personal difficulties to find common ground; be it cultural differences, spiritual differences, gender related issues, etc. High profile people like, movie stars, producers, and politicians, musicians, sometimes have a lot of smiling to do in their professions. What do you do when you don’t feel like smiling? Below is an article that can help you gain a little information which may help improve social interaction and communication in your personal life as well as your career. But please remember, a smile can be veil one hides behind. You want your smile to be truly authentic, even when we may be hiding behind feelings of hurt and pain.

3 Easy Ways To Spot Genuine & Fake Smiles


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