On The Psychic Life Of Power

Written by: Karen Barna

A personal quandary to consider in the use of electro-magnetic frequency technology to curb and control one man’s behavior

“On the turning away…….Light is changing to shadow……..And casting it’s shroud over all we have known, unaware how the ranks have grown driven on by a heart of stone, we could find that we’re all alone in the dream of the proud.” ~ On The Turning Away, Pink Floyd

Click here to listen to On The Turning Away by Pink Floyd

In order for man to be ruled by his conscience he must turn away from his own selfish conscience desires and fall in subjection to a ruling authority’s desire, that is come into subordination to and under local, state, and federal laws. In order to embrace the power that subordiantes man must be capable of self-regulation, self-prohibition, and self- suppression of one’s own behaviors and unconscious drives.

If we understand Nietzsche’s idea of the “moralized man of conscience” as he explains it in, Nietzsche’s “Genealogy of Morals,” one can discern a temporary convergence between the figures of self-enslavement in Hegel’s “Unhappy Consciousness” and the “moralized man of conscience” in Nietzsche’s philosophy. Consider the following quote: “This instinct for freedom forcibly made latent . . . This instinct for freedom pushed back and repressed, incarcerated within and finally able to discharge and vent itself only on itself: that, and that alone, is what the bad conscience is in its beginning.” I believe what Nietzsche is speaking of here is actions and behaviors that do not go against the self motivated desires and drives, and it is the individual’s absence of conscience in these behaviors that form a state of bad conscience. We can begin to understand and even witness the ambivalence of needing and wanting, of being in subordinate to, and then, at the same time resenting and deviating away from the controlling form(s) of power as they can appear and as they can actually manifest themselves abusively as well. As we see today, and as we have seen in the past the many abusive forms power can take when it becomes to light on the front stage of the power dialect. “Who creates who?” One might reasonably ask themselves. It could be argued that it is the controlling power wielding an abusive form of technology that is actually in a stunted primitive state of existent as it lacks the “super power” of linguistic communication to effectively lead and rule over another. For it is through our linguistic capabilities that the “super power” of words and written communication can twart an abusive form of power when it stands in opposition to them. It is the bully who bludgeons and beats his subjects through brute force and intimidation, through unjustly imposed laws and regulations, the kind that seek to punish his subject through unfairly incarcerating him within a framework the lacks the very fundamental elements of what justice and freedom truly mean.

“Who made who, who made you?, Who made who, ain’t nobody told you?
Who made who, who made you? If you made them and they made you
Who picked up the bill, and who made who? Yeah, Who made who
Who turned the screw? Yeah, satellites send me picture
Get it in the eye, take it to the wire” ~Who Made Who, AC/DC

Click here to listen to Who Made Who by AC/DC

We’ve considered Neitzsche’s bad conscious, but what of Hegel’s “Unhappy consciousness?” What do we know of that. If we understand Hegel’s theory correctly we see that man’s resolution to “freedom is self-enslavement.” Yet this form of self-enslavement requires the very condition of subordination through subjection of a higher ruling authority. One example is under the work contract, or the master slave relationship, one becomes a subordinate under another’s power. This concept is explained through Lordship and Bondsman and is known as the master-slave dialect. “If I am to be free from my former power, from the power of my parents, I must fall in subordination with another ruling authority.” It is “the one who holds out the promise of continued existence “plays” to the desire of survival.” Another formulation might be, “I would rather exist in subordination than not exist is one formulation of this predicament (where the risk of “death” is also possible.)”

One other theory which additionally touches on Hegel’s “Unhappy Consciousness” is found in Sigmund Freud’s “Civilization and It’s Discontents.” Freud suggests that the very structure of society which binds man to his civility, is exactly the very thing responsible for his unhappiness. This suggests that true freedom, and thus true happiness, can only be achieved when one is left unrestrained by the framework of civil relationships and civil dictates. This, in effect, suggests Freud would create man’s “happy consciousness,” leaving him free to act in whatever way he wishes.  In order to maintain our civilized structure of living, man embraces the resolution to freedom into his own self-enslavement and abandons his loneliness to take up occupancy in society. In order to gain freedom, we have to work within the framework of imposed civility, one way or the other, and this creates a type of disillusionment and a type of mild or profound dystopia.

The very act of turning toward the law, that is turning in obedience to what the law dictates, is thus a turn against one-self, a turning back on oneself that constitutes the movement of conscience. The prolific lack of this “turning away” is exactly what Dave Gilmour and Anthony Moore wrote of in their song “On The Turning Away” which was recorded and performed by Pink Floyd in 1987 and included on their album “Momentary Lapse of Reason.”

Judith Butler, a professor Rhetoric and Comparative Literature at the University of California at Berkley quips, “Conscience doth make subjects of us all,” in obedient servitude not only to a master, but the whole human race and this idea is bound up in Christ’s philosophy, “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” In the literary tragedy of Hamlet written by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare quips the affirmation, “Conscience doth makes cowards of us all.” It is not surprising to find that psychologists and psychoanalysts study literary tragedies because mental illness is at the heart of these nightmares of stage and screen. Funny too, that a anonymous psychopath suggested to his therapist that conscience is nothing more than a corral that pens in the human mind.

The Stalemate of Subjection

The stalemate of subjection occurs when a subject or subjects comes under the power and control of a perverse ruling authority, as is what happened during the historic events of World War II. It is also known as a “no bind” because no one wins. At this time in the human archive, a narcissistic personality which possessed an insidious form of malignant love, took the Jewish people an attempted to systematically exterminate them. This occurred under the German rule of Adolf Hitler.

The stalemate of subjection occurs when the considerations exchanged in a relationship, master-slave or otherwise, do not fall equal in part to one another. One side, either the slave or the master, is giving too much of themselves in return for far too little. We see this in cycles of abuse found in cases of battered wives by their spouses. In these cases, the emotionally depleted women become dependent on their psychically and emotionally abusive husbands. Placed in need, these individuals may feel hopeless to change their living situation. Many may turn to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain of the dystopia. What must act on the individual to precipitate change, one might reasonable ask? In one questionably unethical scenario we witness an elderly adult, who, in an attempt to exact the respect she feels she deserves, brings the offspring she lives with under her subordination through the use of electro-magnetic frequency and radio wave technology. In yet another scenario similar to this, we see family members trying to “cure” their relative of alcoholism by systematically inflicting punitive punishment with electro-magnetic frequency and radio waves every time the individuals drinks. We have to ask ourselves, “What type of leadership skills have these individuals been empowered with in order for them to lack the linguistic communication to effect change in a positive way?” Certainly no spiritually evolved person would inflict pain and suffering on an already diseased and ill individual? Would they? Leaders after all find solutions, not physical forms of torture and punishment. Another question that follows is, “What type of hospital or doctor would implant such devises and give control to individuals lacking in their spirituality ability to effectively teach and lead through the implementation of such tools?”

Certainly these scenarios address the needs of the aging parents and the family members, but it certainly does not address the needs and rights of the dependent child / alcoholic. So, who is the one “turning away” from their own selfish set of conscious desires? The answer is neither. For one, the elderly parent and family members are conducting their affairs in a manipulative and exploitative way, hidden under a veil of clandestine intentions. For, do they really want to help the dependent child / alcoholic or are their intentions for using the technology, satisfy a more dark and sadistic narcissistic personality need? The technology certainly isn’t giving an already emotionally battered individual the tools he/she needs to defend against alcoholism and its effects. At what point do these characters become tolerated in society? One answer might be, at the point where civil, state, and federal leadership becomes ill-equipped at addressing and regulating the insubordination of its subjects.

The very autism found at the heart of using this type of technology, is that not only can it be used on the subjects for subjection, it can also be turned against the ruling authority that is exacting it. This is exactly what we witnessed as the events of World War II unfolded. The political abuses of the time which displayed a total and utter disregard for human life and welfare, were turned against the very leader who sought its very commission. Adolf Hitler took his own life and many others were sentenced to death for the war crimes they committed following the close of the war. The ultimate narcissistic mirroring of mental illness, death for death, an eye for an eye. Talion law manifests itself like the mirroring behavior of an abusive parent by the child who grew to become like the former power he was in subordination to. It is the psychic power, that power can sometimes take and we are never fully guaranteed safety from the stalemate of subjection when a delusion grows within a society’s framework.

“A substantial proportion of people do what they are told to do, irrespective of the content of the act and without limitations of conscience, so long as they perceive that the command comes from a legitimate authority.”  ~Stanley Milgram

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