Quotation reads, “Knowledge is free. We are anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.” 

written by Karen Barna

How many secret societies have been created since the Neolithic period? This writer has not been fully informed to say, but here are a few that have been created in man’s more recent history:

Knights of Templar
Bavarian Illuminate

Collegiate Secret Societies:
Linonian Society (1793-1872 & 1945 – Present)
Skull and Bones (1833 – Present)
Scroll and Key (1841 – Present)
Book and Snake (1863 – Present)
Mace and Chain (1956-1960s & 1990 – Present)
Myth and Sword (1903 – 1960s & 1990 – Present)

Secret Intelligence Agencies: 
CIA (U.S.)
NSA (U.S.)
MI6 or SIS (British)
KGB (Russian)
NIS (South Korean)
The Ministry of State Security (North Korean)

Community Social Groups:
Alcoholics Anonymous (1935 – Present)
Anonymous (2003 – Present)

I would like to include the St. Mary of Tsion also known as the “Mother Church of Ethiopia.” At the site of this church it is believed the Ark of the Jewish Covenant is housed, the Ten Commandments that were handed down to Moses from Jehovah. At this church, one monk secretly guards the Ark. He is kept in solitude and sworn to secrecy. No one is allowed to speak to him or allowed into the church to view the Ark. When this monk dies, another rises in a form of “secret ascendancy and service” to his professed to god.

Why do we ask our little children “Who are you?”, “What do you want to be when you grow up?”, “What is your name?” (surname included). Questions that are designed at eliciting answers at disclosing “Who are you?” Asking these question help to disclose the children’s identity and perhaps allows for a preliminary character check. We say anti-social behaviors are abnormal, yet it seems these “abnormal behaviors” may be acceptable if the ultimate ruler of a country can use them for their intellectual services and ultimate protection.

These individuals are not deemed screwed-up, in so far as how much they can provide their leaders with the tools and required information for the ruler’s continued dominance. It can be found all in a society’s perspective in reviewing their social rules and laws. We allow for clandestine operations in military affairs, yet in the private public sectors, clandestine operations that are a part of a criminal conspiracy are subject to prosecution by local authorities. Hence, the double standard rule. You are not allowed to kill. You must obtain a license to kill first. Is it fair? Is it right? Maybe not, but it is our country’s law.

Yet, our human archive has shown adults create societies that are aimed at concealing the individual member’s identity or “secrets.” These society use a form of trickery in order to make others believe they are superior to the others. Secret societies like Skull and Bones are aimed at wearing a mask, albeit not an actual facial mask. A mask of hiding who it is they are because if the ‘others’ found out they may not fully accept their ritual or behavior. Anthropological evidence has shown this is far more frequent in occurrence, even among preliterate tribes. The Kunnapipi is one such tribe.

The Kunnapipi is an Aboriginal tribe found in Australia. One of the religious rituals found in the tribes mythical legends involves a ritual that requires penile subincision of the pubertal male’s penis. It may not sound like there is much of a connection between secret societies and this ritual, but if you continue on you’ll see more clearly why there most definitely exists such a connection. This subincision is made through surgical procedure on the underside of the male phallus. The surgical procedure is a way of creating the symbol of the female vulva on the male phallus through genital mutilation, creating a “symbolic wound.” These rites seem to present one of the most characteristic examples of a ritualization of men’s desire to play a greater role in procreation. The Aboriginal legend goes like this;

“….the men “had nothing: no sacred objects, no sacred ceremonies, the women had everything.” So, one day the men stole the women’s “sacred objects” [reproductive organs marking the women as impotent and thus exhibiting a form of male castration anxiety] and took them back to their own camp. The mythical sisters, on finding that their sacred objects had disappeared, decided that perhaps it was just as well that the men had taken them, since the men could now carry out most of the ritual for them while they busied themselves chiefly with raising families and collecting food. In this way, their true function as fertility mothers became established….”

One of the Aboriginal tribe members, disclosing the real hidden truth regarding the ceremony, stated:

“But really we have been stealing what belongs to them (the women), for it is mostly all woman’s business; and since it concerns them it belongs to them. Men have nothing to do really, except to copulate [and donate sperm cells]. It belongs to the women All that belonging to those Wawilak,* the baby, the blood, and yelling, their dancing, all that concerns the women; but every time we have to trick them. Women can’t see what men are doing, although it really is their own business, but we can see their side… the beginning we had nothing, because men had been doing nothing; we took these things from the women.”

This symbolic ritual can be used as a psychoanalytic tool to help describe the many anti-social acts, hostilities, and acts of aggression, not just of men towards women, but in humanity in general. Humanity’s proclivity to conquer and control which stem from  their castrating fears. Upon first inspect of the ritual one might see it as delusional and warped act, one that is suggestive of a metaphorical raping by stealing the women’s “sacred objects” (or more importantly their “secret objects”). Yet on another level we see the elements of a non-competing dual gender narrative found today in bisexual and transgender cases. Viewing it as a constructive concept it can be viewed as a way in which the males of this tribe established feelings of equality, stemming from their feelings of inferiority based in their acknowledgement of the women’s superior power, of the female’s ability to procreate. In the view of this tribe’s rituals, the ability to bring forth life is seen as being more powerful. The ritual allows for the creation of a social construct of equaling the playing field or leveling gender status. By re-creating and equating the female’s ability to bring forth life, we find a very similar story to the creation of the world found in the book of Genesis. You can make the connection between God the Mother and Jehovah. Is god a man or is god a woman? The answer of course, god is both. Although in actuality it is the woman who really possess more of the control because of the tools and apparatuses she has been given by nature to bring forth life. Yet without the sperm cell, that one little item, how could life spring forth? One could surmise from this information that there may be a relatively low percentage of sexual assault cases found in this tribal community based on the social construct and tribal rites of penile subincision.

“This mother is always present behind the ritual, the dancing and the singing. She is a symbol of the productive qualities of the earth, the eternal replenisher of human, animal, and natural resources; it was from her uterus that human and totemic beings came forth. She has no totem herself, nor is she a totemic concept; she does not herself perform totemic rituals, although her neophytes do. In these areas, she is the background of all totemic ceremony, and ‘eternal’ explanation and symbol of the Aboriginal way of life, with its continual expectation of rebirth.

The Mother herself, Kunapipi, Kalwadi, or Kadjari, is represented in certain parts of the mythology as a perpetually pregnant woman, who in the Dream-Time [at night while sleeping] let out from her uterus human beings, the progenitors of the present natives. She was responsible too for sending out spirits of the natural species from season to season, to ensure their continual increase. In this she did not act entirely alone, but in association with a Rainbow Snake, the symbolic Penis, which completed the dual concept.” **

We also see the anthropological evidence of the creation of a “secret society” or “secret rituals” being preformed in that the tribe’s informant has stated, “Women can’t see what men are doing, although it really is their own business, but we can see their side… the beginning we had nothing, because men had been doing nothing; we took these things from the women.” We are then able to see how men’s lack of the ability to bring forth life through a vaginal canal of his own, created humanity’s need for intellectual creations. Everything that has been showcased thus far in man’s human archive demonstrates a need for this ability. His need to create, conquer, and control has thus far been a creative exercise in expanding his limits of control. Sadly, some of these creations have included destructive weapons.

Reviewing myth, fantasy, and culture in unconscious fantasies arsing from a male wish for parthenogenesis, in particular male defensive intellectuals Carol Kohn writes in her article, “Sex and Death in the Rational World of Defence Intellectuals,”  we can begin to see how cultural violence becomes part of a society’s institutions and repetitions:

“There is one set of domestic images that demands separate attention – images that suggest men’s desire to appropriate from women the power of giving life and conflate creation and destruction. The bomb project is rife with images of male birth….This idea of male birth and its accompanying belittling of maternity – the denial of women’s role in the process of creation and the reduction of “motherhood” to the provision of nurturance – seems thoroughly incorporated into the nuclear mentality….In light of the imagery of male birth, the extraordinary names given to the bombs that reduced Hiroshima and Nagasaki to ash and rubble – “Little Boy” and “Fat Man” – at last became intelligible. These ultimate destroyers were the progeny of the atomic scientists – and emphatically not just any progeny but male progeny. In early tests, before they were certain that the bombs would work, the scientists expressed their concern by saying they hoped the baby was a boy, not a girl – that is, not a dud….The entire history of the bomb project, in fact, seems permeated with imagery that confounds man’s overwhelming technological power to destroy nature with the power to create – imagery that inverts men’s destruction and asserts in its place the power to create new life and a new world. It converts men’s destruction into their rebirth.”

It should be noted, the pursuit of psychoanalytic research and study can be disturbing and unsettling at times because it illuminates for us a more decisively clear picture and discloses truths and realities that exist in our world, and thus found in the human mind. Human behavior demonstrates that the realities which are found through psychoanalytic work regarding the human mind, is really an out picturing of world events.

*In Aboriginal mythology the Wawilak are a tribe of sisters that merge with the Kunnapipi male brothers. So the Wawilak stands as a term for the female gender.
** The Rainbow Snake, named “the great Julunggul,” the symbolic Penis, which represents the non-competing dual gender narrative or concept in this tribes ritual of penile subincision.

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