On The Psychoanalytic Reasons For Advancing Technology And The Abuses That Are A Consequence Of It

“When I think of peace, I think of a very tough job, but I also think it’s the only conversation worth having in some way.” ~Marianne Williamson

We could argue that we humans have a great deal of experience creating and entering other worlds through our imagination, that is our creative intellectual drive, and that everything that has been showcased thus far in man’s human intellectual archive is an exercise in expanding the limits of this control. It has been argued that men’s creative endeavor is in large part due to men’s inability to bring forth life, with the symbolism of “not being able to deliver.” So, in his disappointment and disillusionment he pursues creative intellectual endeavors. This is at the heart of Freud’s theory castration anxiety, and it must be noted that men as well as women both suffer from it.

Clinical evidence of this castration anxiety can be found in men’s dependency on technology with each new successive generation being developed. What we begin to witness is a type of clinical dependency with the traits found in other forms of dependency; tolerance, loss of control, and continued use despite the negative consequences. What can arise in men’s affairs are progressively increasing severe negative consequences in a variety of critical areas which include; physical, emotional, social, vocational, and spiritual well-being. These are the types of symptoms displayed not only in dependency but in other forms of mental illness as well, especially seen in the paranoid schizoid position. The creation of a repetition behavior, or behaviors that serve as mind-altering alternatives to psychic pain, suffering, or loss. The pathway to recovery is the ongoing support and/or outreach through interventions by professional community members; our healthcare workers and social support groups.

The focus of treatment is ARREST and RECOVERY from the inertia of mental illness. This can alleviate a variety of symptoms resulting from carrying out the repetition behaviors which so characterizes the inertia of so many mental illnesses. The psychic delusional threat of “not being able to deliver” combined with the paranoia that an aggressive threat will take over. These same fears also drive competition in a free markets.

“It could be argued that the way human beings wage war against each other is increasingly unsustainable for the survival of the species.” ~Marianne Williamson, At Peace

It could also be argued the way in which our technologies have proliferated with each successive generation can create an unsustainable future for certain peoples and cultures. This insanity of repetition which has increasingly blinded us to the severe negative consequences our potential futures hold from these negative actions. What we begin to see through these progressive advancements of technology is a darkness which reflects how spiritually immature we have become as a species. Technologies in expanding the mind and allowing humans to “live forever” by “uploading” themselves in to a computer reflects evidence that we have not reached our fullest spiritual potential. We have refused to acknowledge that there are limits to our behavior and is a reflection of  boundaryless behavior, and a refusal to acknowledge that all life is finite, with a beginning and an end. In order for a person to evolve spiritually they must acknowledge certain conditions and relinquish certain delusional beliefs about their psychic life and their human condition. Tools which are acquired through spiritual development and evolution are; discipline, delaying gratification, and responsibility. Some of the major conditions, desires and attitudes that must be given up in the course of a wholly successful evolving lifetime, and previously stated in another post:

1. The state of infancy, in which no external demands need be responded to
2. The fantasy of omnipotence
3. The desire for total (including sexual) possession of one’s parent(s)
4. The dependency of childhood
5. Distorted images of one’s parents
6. The omnipotentiality of adolescence
7. The “freedom” of uncommitment
8. The agility of youth
9. The sexual attractiveness and/or potency of youth
10. The fantasy of immortality
11. Authority over one’s children
12. Various forms of temporal power
13. The independence of physical health
14. And, ultimately, the self and life itself.

When we begin to see that I am in you, and you are in me, and we are the same and when we become spiritually aware that a person’s actions aimed at harming another, and the pain inflicted on the ‘other’ is pain that can also be inflicted upon me, once we see this, we can begin to acknowledge right or wrong action.

“Because many people have come to see this inside/outside thing as two separate realms, but on a metaphysical level space in not anymore real than time is. So on a spiritual plane we come to recognize that there isn’t anything outside of us. So working on ourselves is a way of working on the world because the world is an out picturing of what is going on inside.” ~Marianne Williamson, At Peace

What we so independently want, is so tendentiously fixed to our past that it drives our destiny like an arrow that has been pulled into motion by the archer who has willed its momentum. This is at the heart of the psychic life of power and the rule of subjection. It may also lie at the heart of human destruction.


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