Analyzing the Manifestation of Homosexual Fantasies in Cases of Abuse and Trauma (One Case Study)

This writing takes into account Winnicott’s contribution of the absent mother and Andre Greene’s term the dead mother in reviewing this theoretical concepts in gender identity and the psychoanalytic in one female’s case of systematic abuse and trauma of a patient over an extended period of time.

The Case of Element Jones

A patient who has been experiencing the systematic abuse of electro-magnetic torture to her body, and which the infliction of this pain and suffering caused through radio waves, began to experience increased homosexual fantasies in her sex life. Through the systematic use of radio wave technology she was able to establish that there existed in her psychic environment a mildly proclivity toward homosexual fantasy which was suggestive of the childhood relationship she held with her maternal mother. This proclivities towards the same gender, one could theorize based on Balsam’s statement, “One of the elements of bisexuality, which [Balsam] has observed in some women of sex abuse, has been the developed technique of verbal suggestions of female-to-female homosexuality in order to secure their love object.” The fact that Element has a proclivity towards the female gender is suggestive of a primary narcissistic state, but one that we cannot be too sure about without further evaluation. Although Element claims she is primarily a heterosexual by disposition, she admitted to having previous homosexual sex play in adolescents and the occasional homosexual fantasy in her adult life, these fantasies seemed to become pronounced and heightened during periods of stress and most certainly in the extended trauma and abuse of electro-magnetic frequency wave torture. Running parallel to these abuses was also a state of increased alcohol use. She stated she had been diagnosed a moderate alcoholic in the past and her increase use of alcohol during this torture indicated that her coping mechanisms were beginning to unravel as a direct result of the unethical treatment being performed. It should be noted that the treatment was in no way entered into consensually. In addition, to the side effects of this treatment Element found herself “absent minded” and in many instances often forgetting and losing items which she felt was more due to the abuse than the alcohol, perhaps through disassociative states, but may be due to a combination of factors. On some occasions the electro-magnetic frequency seemed to assuage her and prevented her from masturbating and helped to keep her “calm”. After the electro-magnetic frequency was turned off on some occasions, and there were more than one, the realization that she was being abused left her infuriated and she experienced frequent outbursts of anger and aggression which resulted in the electro-magnetic frequency being turned back on. The oscillation of these stages were being directly manipulated by an outside source and this source, in Elements opinion, was someone suffering from a severe hatred towards women, as one of the effects of the torture were directed at stimulating genital orifices (anal and vaginal) in an attempt to “calm her sex drive”.  In addition she felt it was someone who was also suffering from delusional fantasies of omnipotence over women. The abuse she received often left her feeling impotent. It came out later in therapy that she also suffered from a eating disorder in adolescence around the age of 13. Which places her personality in varying levels of narcissistic states depending on situations and circumstances.

This case is a case of torture and the trauma patient’s mild gender identity disorder and increased use of alcohol. It is the opinion of this author that the person who engaged in the commission of this crime was suffering from the delusional fantasy of omnipotence and a desire to control and punish, as Element suggested, and it is very likely the perpetrator(s) are enjoying the control over which he/she has become accustomed. With the threat of loosing this control there may be other avenues pursued in an attempt to reestablish the fantasized omnipotence over Element‘s life, like acquiring the control over other things Element cares for dearly, perhaps, her daily exercise routine, gardening, her pets, her car, her access to library resources, and meaningful work avenues or activities in an attempt to seclude and isolate her. This person probably has a high degree of access to Elements live and knowledgeable about her lifestyle, her likes, and dislikes. He or she is probably someone she knows, or has worked with in the past, or resides with and is someone suffering a narcissistic personality disorder with a level of sadism.

*This is an amateur attempt at establishing a person’s character and identity and a forensic analysis of the possible perpetrator of a crime.




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