An Adversarial Court of Satan (Revised)

By Karen Barna

One aspect of the human experience is confronting what the Bible calls “The Satan.” Satan, The Accuser. Satan, The Liar. Satan, The Destroyer. As humans we walk a very fine line between behaving like an ordinary, normal person and being, “The Satan.” Local, state, and federal laws will implicitly tell us that real property is a major determining factor of being guilty of a crime. Defamatory lies are designed to tarnish a person’s possessed reputation, which can be considered a form of real property since we own our names. Let’s consider further, how our legal doctrines implicitly view a woman’s body as a commodity. Rape is not considered rape if a man pays a woman afterward for the consideration, and the woman accepts the financial benefit. This is called prostitution.

A Contradiction Under American Law: Local prostitution is outlawed by many local and state ordinances in the United States except in one particular state; Nevada. In Nevada prostitution is legal.

In the country of Saudi Arabia it is a crime, regardless of any consideration, for a man to have sex with a woman outside of the marriage contract. Remember this if ever you find yourself visiting the country of Saudi Arabia. Prostitution is most certainly outlawed in this country as well.

The capacity to tolerate cultural difference, and individual differences, is a result of our identity formation which occurs during the process of our second narcissism according to Erik Erikson’s theory on identity and human development across the lifespan. During this period we carry out the process of distantiations. This is the ability to separate things that are found different and remote from our own perceived sense of self into other categories and keep them at a distance. But it is the balanced ego that will be able to effectively navigate and negotiate successfully the diverse groups of people we encounter  despite our distantiations. These are acquired skills we learn from being taught effectively by our caregivers and leaders found within the community; mothers, fathers, elementary teachers, high school teachers, college professors, politicians, and other public servants who influence us in our daily lives.

But implicit to these laws, both Saudi and American; women are a form of real property, and so, this implicitly should bestow upon them protections under the law. American culture has seen a proliferation of socially acceptable behaviors for women over the past 100 years. One of these behaviors is the acceptance of sex outside the marriage contract. As our culture slowly evolved we began to see more and more girls and women pregnant with fatherless children. Some of these women were already oppressed by poverty and financial hardship. Some women, either being taught by their own mothers or close friends, found a way to earn quick cash as sex workers. Males have used females for millennia for the sole purposes of sexual pleasure. Women, to some extent too, have used males as well. However, our history books tell us the consumers of these forms of commodity were primarily the wealthy men, but there is no reason to assume that the lower classes did not participate in these activities. In fact it is very likely that they did engage in illicit activities as well. It just that the wealthier individual could afford an education and pens and paper to keep written records. In a lot of ancient cultures we only read about the elite classes. We know very little of the commoners.

Since we humans left the jungle to establish plant agriculture and animal husbandry we have found a way to monopolize on the human form for purchase. Some aspects of the human form for purchase has been seen in the commercial trades of; prostitution, slavery, and advertising and marketing.  The trafficking of women and young girls is a part of some country’s commercial undertakings. These activities are, of course, outlawed in the United States of America (cough, cough, albeit contradictory). It stands these problems that plague us today, will continue to plague us in the future unless we can devise some creative plan to circumvent the effects of perverted human development. For example, during the Marquise de Sades lifetime, under the rule of Louis XIV, the red light district was located in a park known today as Tullian Gardens. Here, in this park, one could even find even a young boy if that was what one desired. We learn this from reading the biographies compiled by writers who read the papers of the elite classes. In ancient Greek and Roman culture, poor women who couldn’t afford their children would sell them to buyers who could afford to purchase them, and sometimes, it is very plausible to assume, that these sales were not with the best intentions. Some children were sold to pedophiles and used as sexual objects. Man’s licentious and ludicrous nature has never, will never leave him. The times are the same today as they were then, as red light districts are found in most major urbanized communities across the United States.

About 10 years ago I came vís-a-vís with “The Satan.” I found myself in this Accuser’s adversarial court with no defense attorney present to represent me. In this court, my crime was my gender. I was standing trial for the simple accusation of my gender difference, possession of a vagina. Found guilty in a split second, my accuser eyed me up and tore me down. I was shoved, then pushed, clothes torn from my body, and held down and told to keep still. “DON’T MOVE!” he said in a loud authoritative tone. The violent aggression unleashed the whispering hatred of a primal age. His next statement, “You’re a fucking bitch!” These sentiments reverberated echoes from a distant past that disclosed the pain of a narcissistic wounding. A wound that can only be found during a time that I had no hands in creating. It echoed the primal demand, “Give me your resources!”

Freud believed the crying bouts of primal rage of an infant were filled with bloody thoughts of destroying the mother in an effort to acquire the things most satiated after, the mother’s milk. Her primary resource, and with this precious resource all the relief nursing would bring; satiation from thirst and hunger, the warmth loving touch of the mother, and the security of feeling safe and protected in the parental embrace . Locked up in primal fantasies of destruction may also be found a profound sense of guilt which the human infant has to defend against. The infant becomes confronted with wanting the thing it needs most, the mother’s breast, and defending against the bloody fantasies of destroying its most beloved love object, the mother. These ideas are what Sigmund Freud, Melanie Klein, and Amber Jacobs have focused their theories around. While Oedipus Rex remains important in interpreting some aspects of gender identity and sexual orientation, some modern theories revolve around Aeschylus’ Oresteia and interpreting the formation of personality identity.

“She dreamed she bore a snake,
She swaddled it like a baby, laid it to rest
She gave it to her breast to suck
Blood curdled the milk with each sharp tug.” ~Clytemnestra’s Dream, The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus

The most precious elements found in our early childhood development experiences are the creation of intimate bonds which we develop with our mothers. They ground us in feelings of safety, love, and caring. Feelings that shape how we will relate to the world around us, with a sense of trust, caring, and love. Or perhaps with a perverted sense, with a sense of mistrust, indifference, and hatred. These elements; mistrust, indifference, and hatred are locked-up in the adversarial court of Satan and are bent through a reflective lens that distorts reality. It was these distortions the perpetrator of my rape endured. It’s the distortion men experience when their unsubstantiated fears pervade their reality and their actions are aimed at harming other(s). It’s these distortions that cause men to batter their wives. It’s the same distortions women experience when they perceive other women as threats without any good reason. When we act to harm another out of a unsubstantiated fear(s) we are living a delusion. It has been delusions such as this that has stood behind women’s oppression by men for centuries. When women are viewed as threats to a person’s own survival, and yet at the same time, are needed as an object,  property to maintain, possess, and control, we stand in the face of a delusion. A delusion that stems from a child’s greedy destructive attacks on the mother’s body, ones that indicate a need for relinquishing of delusional fantasies of omnipotence, leading to remorse, reparation, and integration. Until then, a person such as the perpetrator to my rape cannot live functionally among society.

Do you think  a person can be brainwashed? Unethical experiments in mind control performed and held against his will? Or is that outside the scope of  distortions and delusional fantasies found within the human psyche?


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