Why I Started My Blog; To Keep Trying To Find Answers and A Daily Prompt From Ben Huberman

“There is no writer’s block other than the will of the writer.”

via Share Your Passion: A Writer (and New Blogger) on Finding a Community for Her Work — Discover

What inspired me to start my blog, and my research, were questions about our humanity. Questions I wanted to address and explore, much like the scientists who claim the reason they want to create artificial intelligence is to explore the question, “What does it mean to be truly human?” I never fully understood why scientists never fully grasped their human reality. I can tell you that the one aspect of humanity that brings you full frontal with our human condition is falling victim to violence and bloodshed. Now that I wrote that sentence, I now realize not everyone understands what it means to be human. Some people live protected lives. Psychopaths don’t understand what it is like to possess a conscious state of awareness and people who possess a conscious state of awareness don’t understand what it’s like to lack one. These questions about our humanity involve both the light and dark sides of our nature. For example, what is it like for someone who possess too much conscience? Can it be just as bad, and painful ,as someone who doesn’t have any? Does normal mean possessing a balanced ego? I want to explore these questions because I had fallen victim to a violent crime; forcible rape. I want to connect with readers, people who have similar questions regarding humanity, people who perhaps hadn’t stared down the dark side of what it truly means to be human. Part of our humanity is confronting the malevolent evil that resides in each on of us. To deny we don’t have an evil that resides inside of us is to deny the fact that we possess human aggression. So I’ll keep on trying despite the obstacles.


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