Connecting Through Our Humanity; An Approach In Literary Writing

International Aid Worker
Image of an international aid worker working with a child in Haiti

After reading this month’s article “Why We Lie” in this month’s edition of NatGeo magazine, I realized how important it is to connect not only to our readers but to others as well by illustrating our very similar human characteristics. As humans we naturally forget sometimes. We naturally make mistakes. We sometimes act out of misdeeds. We sometimes do silly things accidentally too. We sometimes inadvertently make people laugh at our prolific proclivity to fail. Connecting with others through our shared similarities can make people feel better about themselves because it makes them feel more connected and more human.We in turn connect with our target audience.

When we see people, who seem like our equals, excel beyond our own natural abilities, well, this can create a cognitive dissonance or psychological stress in our mental states. Take the 2016 election with Donald Trump, Malania and Ivanka Trump for instance. Donald Trump was told, during his campaign of 2016, he was going to endure a “backlash” of an unsupportive atmosphere from the American public. This is because people cannot identify, not only with his proclivity to suffer intervals of delusion, but because, too, of Donald Trump’s excessive wealth. The American people like moderates. This is because the American middle class people, are a bunch of moderates! It doesn’t even matter if a political representative’s “moderate” status is true or not. All that matters is that they appear like they are just like the “moderates” they represent. This is a strategy found in the “Art of War” by Sun Tzu. Donald Trump’s family cabinet lacks this very important appearance, and so, it becomes a difficult pill for people, who, working very hard for their money and possessions, cannot enjoy the perks of their hard work like, a cabinet full of diamond tiaras. Do you know that yesterday, May 24 2017, was Tiara Day. Being a “moderate”, I was plum out of tiaras, as was most of moderate middle class America. But I did earn my floral coronet after I cut my own grass, trimmed the edges, and did some light garden chores. Donald Trump was also told he was going to “evoke the Satan.” What was meant by this comment can be found in our ancient historical archive known as war time literature, The Bible. When groups of people are created and are decidedly different than mainstream groups, this event can create an atmosphere of an illusion of evil with the mental reasoning, “You are not like me. You don’t share my values. You, therefore, must be something ‘other’.” This is what got Jesus Christ crucified.

This proclivity to connect with other humans is why many people choose careers in medicine, education, politicians, and work as international aid workers. It gives them the opportunity to relate to others and connect with them in very real, compassionate, human ways. However, many psychopaths are attracted to these fields as well, but for alternate reasons. Reasons that lie in man’s proclivity to control matters found in the natural world like; other people, money, and political bureaucracies.

Reading the author’s story recounting when he told a lie in grade school published in NatGeo’s featured June issue helped to increase the credibility of the article. Which leads me to my next question, “Can you recall a time when you lied as a child and how that lie worked out for you?” Are you willing to share this information with people? Can you explain to them how you were taught a lesson from that act? Or did the lie serve you too well? Did it allow you the opportunity to learn how to tell more elaborate and grandiose lies? Answering this question honestly can help determine your character.

Cognitive Dissonance – is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. The occurrence of cognitive dissonance is a consequence of a person’s performing an action that contradicts personal beliefs, ideals, and values and also occurs when confronted with new information that contradicts those said beliefs, ideals, and values.

Coronet – a small crown inferior to the one worn by the sovereign and part of Shakespeare’s’ Elizabethan attire.

Art of War – an ancient Chinese military treatise dating from the 5th century BC and a classic literary text devoted to one aspect of warfare. It has been one of the most influential strategy texts in East Asia. It has influenced Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy and beyond.


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