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“Just be what it is that you are, and this is just fine. You don’t have to be what you’re not in any way. Live that and live that fully, and that is where you discover ecstasy. You can’t really have ecstasy as something other than yourself.” ~Alice Walker

Today is Mother’s Day and being a lover of literature and public speeches I found this perfect blog to share with all women. The Eloquent Women Blog Spot is a website that contains content to help inspire women writers with ideas and information that help women build public speaking content, confidence, and credibility. This website provides women with a coaching base learning environment in which you can deconstruct speeches providing you information on, say, why rhetoric works in addition to a number of other skills, techniques, and presentation strategies. Click here to visit The Eloquent Woman Blogspot. In addition to this website, the Nobel Prize website is recommended for review for its many inspirational speeches given by some of the worlds brightest minds that are not only limited to women, but were given by individuals who provided the greatest benefits to mankind. Click here to visit The Nobel Prize website.

With the graduation of so many of our young people at hand in the next few weeks, I felt this speech was appropriate to feature. It is Rashema Melson’s high school valedictorian graduation speech. Melson, who lived in Washington DC at the time, propelled herself to valedictorian status and gave a speech at Anacostia High School in June 2014 while living in a homeless shelter:

“Throughout my journey here, I have learned that time doesn’t wait, pity, or adjust for or to anyone, and life is not fair. Life is not fair. But despite that harsh reality, you must keep striving for success through the pain, tears, and feeling of lost hope. People say life is short, live it up; I say life is endless, turn up, earn it up, but don’t burn it up. Your life decisions lead you to where you end up.

For the longest I was in the struggle, trying my best, but I started to think it would never be over. I started to give up, but then God gave me a sign that he wasn’t putting me through this to punish me, but to show others how to be resilient and persistent in the goals of life.

I see a promising future ahead, and I didn’t do it all alone. I had gracious help, for which I will be forever grateful. Before I receive my diploma and head on to Georgetown, I just want to leave you all with a piece of advice, class of 2014; always be who you truly are on the inside, never be afraid to go after your dreams, and regardless of the negative forecast that has been predicted upon us, beat the odds and let the sun shine. The future lies within reach of our hands, and if we keep striving and don’t let anyone knock us off our path or deter us from our goals, we can do anything we put our mind to, no matter what. Resilience, perseverance, discipline, determination, and dedication is the key to your success. Each step we take is paved with possibilities. Now go unlock the door to your future.”

For inspirational quotes by uncommon women visit Finding Your Own Voice.


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