A Brief Discourse On How Culture Affects Human Destiny



Sharing social identity with others of a particular group (which is the form social identity very often takes), one easy begins to see that cultural values (and economics) distinctly influence a person’s thoughts and actions. For example, a group of well educated individuals (who may be teachers or doctors) may choose to respond differently to the hissing and negative backlash of a culture that finds learning and education “useless.” Where as a street gang of young people affiliated with say the “Bloods” or the “Crips” (like any terrorist group) would respond differently to the hissing and negative backlash of a culture that finds them “offensive.”

The well educated individuals may choose to retreat and remain silent in the face of bullies, terrorists and vigilantes, formulating a thesis and legal argument for their defense. Whereas a street gang may choose to “round up a posse” and go to war with violence and weapons to establish dominance. Two distinct styles of social communication which ultimately shape the outcomes of one’s life destiny. When you go to war on the streets like a vigilante, you may end up arrested or dead. Silently retreating, reflecting with a legal defense upon the experience, may leave you with not only a legal defense, but your freedom intact as well as your life protected.

Recently, I have had an experience with one of my neighbors who releases their BAD CAT2.pngdomesticated cat to roam freely in our neighborhood. The problem, over the past 5 or 6 years, I have had to endure the destruction of my personal property and sacrifice my hard work to cats. Because the local law does not demand cats be licensed and registered or even vaccinated or wear name collars to identify their owners, I am left with no real remedy. After seeing my neighbor release her cat into the neighborhood via her front door and witness its return, I lost my civility and sternly told her to keep “that cat out of my yard and garden!” It was the same cat that entered in to my yard a few days ago and after some corralling with a garden rake I forced him out of my garden despite his stern disapproval. Then, yesterday I found cat feces right next to my cherry tomato plants. I have been pushed to my limits when it comes to dealing with free roaming neighborhood cats. The incivility of my response may seem like I am the one lacking in respect, but I assure you I am not the ignorant party here. It is my mindless neighbors who are lacking in extending respect to others in the neighborhood.

I feel like my backyard is my country and my borders have been violated. Like America, my country’s borders are being threatened by a vigilante political regime who have taken on the disguise of cats. What’s worse is the government leaves me with no real legal remedy because cats are viewed as “non-threating” to people. Additionally, they are viewed as “less valuable” unlike their canine counterparts. This means I can take whatever personal action I deem fit because the law leaves me with no clear direction. I am keeping a detailed journal of events and when it comes time to euthanize the cats I will do so with the glorious knowledge I have killed a group of vigilante psychopaths!

State agencies refer you to a humane group who will advocate for the cat and encourage you not to poison the free roaming cats. Well, isn’t that’s wonderful in a perfect world when it’s not your personal property and hard work being threatened and destroyed. I don’t have $100 dollar bills flying out of my ass to cover the cost of damages or purchase cages and traps for my personal use, nor do I want to spend my time picking up cat poo out of my garden and off my lawn!  A can of cat food and some rat poison is very cheap these days. Socioeconomic circumstances, being what they are, and cultural values that have been influenced by legal doctrine says that a man can own a gun to defend his personal property! What the poor are reduced to endure these days is a gross injustice and some humane group will declare “the cats should be saved.” Have you ever wondered why Harvard University doesn’t have a recruiting facility for armed forces on its campus? The wealthy and intelligent don’t need to kill anything. They hire or contract out those dirty deeds to the poor, indigent, and uneducated classes. How many times can man take a slap in the face?

Perhaps my neighbors are hoping I’ll move out of the neighborhood. Maybe they’re feed-up with my family’s presence in the midst of their divine cat worship. Why should our destinies be left to the mercy of the street-wise free roaming felines?!


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