Recognizing What’s Holding You Back

What is holding you back.jpg

Often we are afraid to explore new experiences or to change something about ourselves because we think we can’t. As a result, our limited thinking places sanctions on us that prevent us from growing and becoming something better, something more. Sometimes these thoughts are the direct result from someone else’s thinking that has influenced us or it maybe the result of a disorder we are suffering. Often we have been hurt by someone who did not know how to love and we may internalize these experiences and allow them to change us. What we are often left with is a deep rooted fear or misguided notion that may be hard to erase.

Love Didn't Hurt You

“Over coming our fear, is like breaking out of a concrete block of cement. Once we do it, it can never encapsulate us again.”

Raising butterflies from egg, to larva, to full grown insect teaches us to recognize that changes are possible and these changes are similar to the metamorphosis that is not unlike our own human condition. Throughout our life we continuously go through periodic deaths which result in our rebirth as new individuals. Some of these changes are biological and some are a result of consequences due to life choices. We live, we change, we become. It is usually after these moments that we learn to appreciate our life and, what’s more, our life’s journey.  Are you planning any major life changes? Changes that may require a leap of faith? Or are you just recovering from a major life change? How significantly did it affect you?


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